The Hunted

A boy, thought to be dead, marked to die learns about his powers. The beginning of war coming straight for him, pushing him to learn about his heritage. Seeking refuge with the one who can teach him all he needs, he and his friend run for the teacher, meeting few friends who can help him battle the foes.


4. Reveals



     Once I nod to him, Filtiarn's receding footsteps enters my ears as I watch Imorine come closer. She stops an arms length away, "So, you seem to be a great Alpha," she spits, with enough venom dripping from her words to kill a pack, "Its sad though," her tone turns solemn, "I thought you would at least have enough common sense to look at who you bring into your pack first. Even if they are just a child."

     "What are you getting at?" I demand, "His father was a friend of this pack! You are nothing more than a traitorous enemy! So, What are you-"

     I am cut off by the sound of Filtiarn's distressed voice yelling out, "Alpha!" looking at him sharply as he breaks through the trees, I take note of the blood he's covered in, "Alpha, it's Jona! We need your help!"

     Quickly looking over at by Beta, "Arnou, take care of the trespassers! I'm going to help Jona!" I bark orders as I start running after Filtiarn. Catching up I question, "What happened? Where's Jona and whose blood is that?"

     "I don't know what happened. When I went to find him, I tracked his sent and it seemed as if he covered it after he got everything out of his personal armory. Everything was empty. I went to find it again, and I couldn't. Either he or someone else covered it, and if he was being followed he did the right thing because I found him heavily injured in human territory. I took him to the medics and seven other wolves were on our tail, I think they were the ones who attacked him. But the strange thing is once he got to the medics he started convulsing before they could do anything and," he paused and raised his hand in defeated confusion, "I'm not sure what to say about that. I came to get you because well, we don't know what to do."

      I nod towards him, "That's good that you came to get me then, let's hurry up before something bad happens," with that, we pick up our pace and with the help of our wolves, sprint towards the medic cabin. Getting closer the sounds of disarray can be heard before we break through the forest line seeing everyone scattering about preparing for another attack. Slowing down to a fast jog we go to the medics, finding the running around before I ask, "Where's Jona?" making them whip there heads towards me.

     A couple medics move away from the table, bringing a large white wolf into my view, bloody and unconscious. Moving closer, I look at him with curiosity and shock evident in my expression before the door slams open behind me with the sound of Filtiarn trying to keep someone out. Looking back, I turn around completely noticing Jona's father, Bledig, being forced to a slower pace as he fights being thrown back outside.

     "Where is my son Beowulf? What happened here?" he demands.

     Growling out my answer, Filtiarn moves to the side, "You filthy lier Bledig! You said no one would come after him! You told me that your wife was Dead! You left me believing you died trying to bring your son to safety! So why should I tell you if I can't trust you? Give me one good reason not to kill you now!"

     By now Filtiarn was with the medics blocking the view of Jona from his father as they work to heal his wound and keep him alive. I look at Bledig with uncovered suspicion and distrust, waiting for a response from the silent man, "Well? Are you going to say anything, or do I just need to kill you here once and for all?"

     Gritting his teeth he answers, "I would have been better off dead, than what I had to live through. I through him across the gorge that night to save him. I fell into that river that night thinking I would never live to see another day, and I took that gracefully thinking I had at least saved my son from sharing the fate I was given. If I need to, I can take him. Now, where is my son?"

     Pushing my hair back, I move to the side, "Don't get in their way. Don't start yelling. And, you have questions to answer," I tell him, grabbing his arm when he tries to walk to the table.

     He nods in response, making me let go of his arm as we walk around to look at Jona. His form comes into view and Bledig stops looking at me sharply, "I said my son. Not one of your wolves."

     Sighing I tell him sharply, "This is your son, you imbecile! Would I have a reason not to show him to you! This is one of the questions I have for you. What is you 'dead' wife? And why is she running another pack right now?"

     Narrowing his eyes at me, he questions, "Why are you asking me? You saw her before she died. Why are you questioning everything now?"

     "Because she is the one who leads the pack that attacked us! She's the one that did this to Jona! She's the Alpha of a whole pack of rouges!" I snap sharply, my voice getting louder in anger.

     "She's dead. If you want to know what she was, then think about what branch of the organization she belonged to! She was a Hunter! A Bonded Hunter with a fox companion! If you think I don't say truth, then take me to my 'wife' Beowulf!" he growls at me.

     Moving my hands in a gesture to take a breath, I answer in a calmer voice, "I can't. They left the territory. Or at least I think they did. I'm waiting for my Beta and his Mate to get back with the captive."

     "Till then, I will wait here."

     I nod and walk out to go help the pack.

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