The Hunted

A boy, thought to be dead, marked to die learns about his powers. The beginning of war coming straight for him, pushing him to learn about his heritage. Seeking refuge with the one who can teach him all he needs, he and his friend run for the teacher, meeting few friends who can help him battle the foes.


3. Danger



      As we get closer to the training ground the sent of fresh blood enters my nose. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Jona look at me, glancing at my arm, before looking in forward again. Suddenly a new scent enters my nose, a rouge, making me look at him seriously, "Jona, I know you can't smell it, but there's a rouge nearby," he nods as I continue, "And there's the scent of fresh blood as well. I hope you brought your special blades."

     He looks at me offended, "You of all people should know I don't take them off anymore. Not after the last time I left them behind. Have faith in my abilities to be prepared for anything," he tells me in a low tone, so only I can hear him as he looks in front of him again.

     Looking forward I was about to tell him how many are around when a black wolf lunges at me from the bushes. Being caught off guard, I fall back with them biting my neck. Unable to move I watch Jona pull two of his blades about to attack the wolf holding me when another black wolf comes out of the bushes in a blur attacking him from behind. As he's falling he spins so his back is on the ground when he stops everything for a moment gaining a distant look. His eyes focus again as a red and orange mark appears on his neck and around the blades taking on the appearance of fire.

     He swipes at the wolf pinning him down, but it jumps back to avoid the blow. The wolf backs up a bit as Jona kicks his feet up bringing him to stand, as he prepares to take the one on me. I move a bit to try and stop him when the one holding me down bites down harder making me bleed as he breaks the skin. Wincing a bit, the wolf that is on me is suddenly pulled off. Looking over I see Beta and his mate Adolpha, our trainer, pulling him further away from me as Jona runs over.

      "Stay away from him Imorine! You know the laws!" Alpha's voice sounds over the clearing.

     Looking up I see Alpha in his human form standing in front of a woman I remember seeing a long time ago, while I was just a pup.

     Jona helps me up as she speaks to Alpha, "You of all things Merblan. You are the last thing I would have expected to take in my son," she shakes her head with an almost unnoticeable grin.

     I feel Jona tense up and move us to the right, behind Alpha.  After I move us he lets go of my forearm, knowing I can stand on my own. I watch as Alpha looks at her with a glare, "You must have the wrong wolf Imorine. I am Beowulf, Alpha of the Dragon Scale pack. Not Merblan."

     "Oh, is that so? I remember you as a young rogue who helped my mate in return for immunity, Merblan the traitor," she says proudly,  "If it wasn't for him I would have killed you before he was able to pull strings to change your name and bring together a pack. If it wasn't for him my son wouldn't have been in your hands."

     Glancing around I see Jona running to the tree line, "Jona wait!" he doesn't slow down, almost as if he didn't hear me, "Jona!"

     I turn to follow him, but stop when more black wolves come out of the trees, "What is this?" Alpha demands.

     Looking behind me at Alpha, I listen to Jona going further away, "Alpha, may I go after Jona?"

     He nods quickly and I take off, trying to catch up to Jona before something bad happens. Going through the trees I can see the path he ran marked with trampled plants, broken branches, and every so often there are clumps of hair and strips of his shirt. Taking off on the path, I follow his sent to be sure while thinking of where he might be going. I run through ideas before the plan that Alpha gave us in case something went wrong. Realising that he's going to his training ground to grab everything I use my wolf to triple my speed and endurance. Running past everything, I get to his tree in no time.

     Climbing up to the branches, I see everything is empty and Jona already left. I jump down and try to find his sent, but it's not there. It's almost as if he or someone else hid it so he wouldn't be followed. Increasing the need to find him I start thinking about where the closest border is and run in that direction. Running, I am slowed down a bit by a few of the black wolves as they attack me. Some of them just come out of the bushes and tackle me while others face me head on. Each time I am stopped by them is only enough to slow me down a minute or two. I realize what they're doing and yell out a string of curses and take to running through the trees a bit, finding a noticeable pattern of how far apart each wolf is, quarter mile, one mile, three quarter, repeat. Once I see the border I jump down out of the trees and through the brush onto the ground outside of human territory.

     Looking around frantically I see a bunch of humans crowded around something. Moving them aside I find Jona laying on the ground covered in blood with several scratches and bite marks, in his hand is a bloody knife he uses when confronted by other wolves. Kneeling beside him I look him over finding rips in his armor with blood trailing out of them, bites on his nack and arms, a deep cut across his eye from the left temple to the right side of his nose, and some gashes along his arms. Cursing under my breath, I start to pick him up when the humans start to scatter. Looking behind me, I meet the eyes of seven wolves growling and ready to attack. I adjust a whimpering Jona in my arm as a subtle heat form on his neck.

     I look around for a way to get past the wolves quickly and safely, "Hang on Jona. I'll get us out of this."

He murmurs something, alerting me he's awake. Looking down I can tell he's fully aware of everything going on around him, but the pain is unbearable. Looking back up I notice there is a way around the on the right side. Lunging for the ledge, it startles them long enough for me to run across it and jump into the trees. I run for the stronghold so I can get Jona to the medics. Glancing over my shoulder I see the wolves catching up to us, gritting my teeth I hold Jona tighter to help with the jostling as I use my wolf to increase my speed and strength. Using the new found speed, I go for the quickest path swerving around trees and bushes trying not to bounce him too much. Listening to the wolves behind me, I hear their steps getting closer. I look down at Jona quickly and make a sharp left losing the wolves. I start to make my path back to the right to keep on the path to the pack when the wolves bust through a few bushes on my left making me jump and slid to the right to avoid getting attacked by them. Increasing my speed the most I can without shifting, I run a little more before dodging to the left into the pack stronghold.

     At my sudden appearance, everyone turns towards us on guard when the wolves that were chasing me came through the treeline. The warriors started shifting and running towards us to fight off the intruding wolves as I run for the small medic cabin. Seeing me coming from the windows they run out to meet us, starting the examination.

     Running through the door the head medic takes control, "Put him on the table! I need my nurses ready! Now! Filtiarn get out!"

     I listen to the medic and gently place him on the table getting a whimper in response. Hearing him whimper the medics all look over at him before continuing to move around. I move away as one of the nurses starts to take off all of his armor when he convulses and rolls off the table. The main medic and I quickly move over to the other side of the table, but instead of finding a convulsing Jona there's a large white wolf lying on the ground with a glowing symbol on its neck. The medic and I look at each other sharply with shock before I run out of the cabin looking for Alpha.

     Before the door slams behind me, the feminine voice of a medic makes its way out the door, "We need help in here!"

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