Lunar is an unusual extraordinary girl, but most other people including her think that she is just one ordinary 15-year-old teenage girl who casually walks to her everyday school, Westdale High. But really, her true- identity lays underneath her skin, in a different mysterious world full of battle and conflict that awakens her true self. But that just happens on a spontaneous, inexplicable, night, with one perfect full moon.


2. The Unexpected

It was pouring rain when Lunar walked gradually to her home. She didn’t care about the iciness of the rain as it hissed into her skin. She didn’t care that every part of her was soaking drenched. The lifeless avenue she dragged through was dark and mysterious. It would have terrified Lunar but she didn’t care about that either. It was just her and the silent, hushed avenue. Lunar listened carefully at the rain trickle down the solemn filled drains. It was an abhorrent gurgling sound, erupting and overflowing uncontrollably. Then, there was the sound of footsteps. Thumping, far-distanced, footsteps. She could feel it desperately approaching towards her. They were fast and quick-paced and at a very rapid speed. They came closer and closer and closer. Lunar didn’t know what to do. Her heart was going at a fast, desperate speed, thumping crazily. Her instincts told her to look away. As she thought fearfully, a daunting hand grasped the side of Lunar’s shoulder. A tight scream came from Lunar’s mouth, but it was quickly covered by an icy, intense hand.

“Shhhhhh! Please just listen to me, My Quee- “

“Tim!!! What are you doing!!” Lunar muffled angrily holding tightly onto Tim’s arm. She was panting quickly, the fear still shot in her veins. Tim’s oak dark hair drifted in the wintry wind, his golden eyes wide.

“Sorry-I-I-I can’t explain! The moon is full! You must come with me! Now!” he sputtered, grabbing Lunar’s arm and pulling her with him across the road.

“Tim!! Why did you call me…My Queen!! She stammered dramatically, confused and shocked about her classmate’s approach. He kept dragging her through the road, his face white pale. 

“Be-Because you’re the…Wolf Queen,”

“I am the…what!!! Lunar snapped like it was a crazy, unbelievable joke.

“You won’t believe your eyes when you see this,” he carried on, like what he said was completely normal. He reached into his pocket and pulled out something iron white. The object had a white sharp, deadly point at the end.

“What is that!?”

“It’s a Wolf Tooth,” answered Tim, his face still white as the moon. “It will teleport us to Lunarphoria.”

“Lunar-Lunarphoria!! That’s my name!! W-w-wha-what!! That’s impossi- “

“Grab this!!! Grab this now!!” Cried Tim, holding out the Wolf Tooth towards Lunar. Lunar shook her head, refusing to. She turned around and began to run. Quickly, Tim reached out and grabbed her arm harshly. He took her hand and placed it on top of the Wolf Tooth.

“NOO- “

It was an awful, sickening feeling. The world blurred instantly turning objects to fuzzy different things. She could feel dreadful pain crunching in her bones and skin, transforming slowly and achingly. Her gurgled scream was taken away by the air around her. Slowly and slowly, she began to transform gradually into a… monster. Her hands turned to dirty, black claws, sharp and terrifying. Her skin turned to white fur, pure and soft. Her eyes narrowed sharply turning into golden beautiful eyes. With a split second, her surroundings were horrifyingly different. She was a Wolf. She knew it. She could feel it.

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