Lunar is an unusual extraordinary girl, but most other people including her think that she is just one ordinary 15-year-old teenage girl who casually walks to her everyday school, Westdale High. But really, her true- identity lays underneath her skin, in a different mysterious world full of battle and conflict that awakens her true self. But that just happens on a spontaneous, inexplicable, night, with one perfect full moon.


4. Reality

“Leave her alone!!”

Lunar lay on the ground of Westdale High. She blinked, finding her surroundings. She looked up to see Rose? There was a crowd of friends and people behind her. She was back in the corridor like yesterday. Back in Westdale high. “Was that all just a dream?” Thought Rose. Their attention wasn’t on her. Their attention was on…Tim.

Rose stared at Tim’s spontaneous approach to her. He walked calmly towards her, head held high.

“If you don’t get out of those doors, I will pleasantly move you myself,” snickered Tim, nice and confident. Rose glowered at Tim looking deflated and finally…defeated. Without saying anything, Rose unexpectedly walks off, her group of friends trailing along behind her, angry. Finally, they walked outside the doors, which only left Lunar and Tim left in the corridors of Westdale high.

“What just happened? I think when I fell I hit my head I think I was in a dream where you and I were wolve- “

“It’s okay, just breathe in and relax,” Tim calmly says. “I’ll walk you out the doors,”

With Lunar’s head still spinning, they momentarily walk towards the doors and out into the same dull perplex weather. “It was just like yesterday,” whispered Lunar again.

“Ok, are you alright now by yourself?” questioned Tim.

“Yeah, I’m alright,” mumbled Lunar. “Thank you.”

“Your welcome…,” Tim says, already walking away. “And thank you, My Queen Wolf.”

And with that, Tim walks out into the mundane world, leaving Lunar speechless and baffled. Up above, the sky was a blush dazed colour. Although it was bright, a perfect pure full moon glowered in the afternoon sky. Far in the distance, an everlasting delighted howl reverberated through two different worlds.

 Lunarphoria,” Lunar says, relieved.

Written by Eden Mestdagh

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