Lunar is an unusual extraordinary girl, but most other people including her think that she is just one ordinary 15-year-old teenage girl who casually walks to her everyday school, Westdale High. But really, her true- identity lays underneath her skin, in a different mysterious world full of battle and conflict that awakens her true self. But that just happens on a spontaneous, inexplicable, night, with one perfect full moon.


3. Lunarphoria

 Lunar’s eyes were wide with terror and shock. Before anything happened, she was screaming hysterically in fright. Her scream came out in a deep, long, mournful howl, echoing through the mysterious, murky woods. Lunar looked around the new black world through her new canine eyes. She could see…everything. “Tim!!!” She shrieked inside her mind. Her new long mouth wouldn’t open at all. She could feel sharp teeth and fangs against her slick tongue.

Lunar!! I’m here!! Turn around!” Quavered Tim through his mind. His words thundered through Lunar’s mind. Lunar turned around slowly with her shaky legs towards Tim. He looked completely different. His fur was night-black, shining in the white pure moon. His blazing yellow eyes stared at hers. “Follow me! We have to go now!” With that, Tim began to sprint away out into the mystical, eerie Woods. Lunar didn’t know what to do. Her only choice was to follow helplessly. It felt weird running with four legs. Her fur swayed in the frigid wind, her eyes constantly focussing on Tim’s thick charcoal tail. They were running for a great lengthy time until Tim came to a sudden stop.

“Where are we now!?” Questioned Lunar with a shake in her voice. No reply came from Tim. He just stood there motionless. Lunar crawled up to Tim, taking careful steps. She brushed past Tim’s dark inky fur then came to a sudden stop. In front of her was the enemy. That blunt, horrendous enemy. There were night appalling eyes, glaring back at her. Black, glossy hair wavered in the air surrounding the pale face. It was the face of Rose Mary.

“Well, well…Oh! Here we have two beastly monsters!! Red blood trickled down the sides of Rose’s mouth as she spoke. Her teeth were white polished fangs, abhorrent and deadly. Lunar didn’t want to believe what she saw in front of her. She was a Vampire. She wasn’t the only one there. There was a dozen of them behind her, some of whom Lunar recognised. They all had ivory teeth, blood drooling out of the sides of their mouths. They all glared at Lunar, desperate to kill her. “You won’t be Queen for long,” Before Lunar could blink, Rose sprinted towards her, her bare teeth flashing. In a second, a shot of burning pain drilled through her fur. A miserable howl came from Lunar. Lunar collapsed to the floor, weak from the throbbing bleeding pain from the side of her stomach.

“Ha ha ha! You’re such a weak little thing” laughed Rose. Lunar’s blood slithered down the sides of her mouth.  Each breath of Lunar was like its last, tormented and sore. Everyone around her watched like spectators at a boxing match. They watched the Queen of Lunarphoria bleed to her last breath. Lunar shifted her head towards Tim, her red fur grazing against the ground. He was frozen like a statue, dazed in panic. A hint of white flashed into Lunar’s eyes. Something was behind Tim. It was a sword. “I can’t give up, I can’t give up,” breathed Lunar. Slowly and slowly, Lunar agonisingly stood up, leg by leg.  As she did Lunar revealed her bare white teeth and dashed with difficulty towards Rose. The satisfying sound of bones crunching underneath her teeth flowed into Lunar’s ear as she bit into Rose’s bitter blood. A surprising yelp escaped Lunar’s mouth. Tim carried a golden sword in his mouth and dashed towards Rose. Before Rose could turn his way, the sword sliced into her heart. A roaring, shattering, pleasant scream erupted through Lunarphoria. Lunar’s surroundings became white and the world haltingly shattered…

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