Knight without a sword.

It was the most powerful dragon I've ever seen, but before it, I noticed that
there is other way to win a impossible duel.


1. One-Shot: He won Raef.

Knight without a sword.



I was before a huge blackened dragon, its eyes are as red as blood.

The others warriors had ran away desperately, but I was the only one before such a hellish creature.

"What are you waiting to run?" It asked me with a frightful voice.

I hold my sword stronger, and then I did the craziest choice of my whole life.

"I'll stand here. It's my nature as a warrior, my legs are quacking as I never felt before.


"You're the most foolish man, I've found in my two thousand years of life." It raised its neck, opened its huge mouth, and discharged a colossal bunch of fire towards the sky. An impressive ray of flames.

Maybe, I'm getting mad, however the destroyed town around me seemed to crying of despair and horror.

I released my sword on the ground, as well as my helmet. This monster will be wounded on its pride, at least.

"I will fight you. You're not so special as you think"

"You must be crazy, your idiot"


It's voice was powerful, but less than the usual. I notice that its size has decreased, too

So, I decided to keep my attack, my verbal attack

"You cannot deal with a critic, huh? You aren't so might. I already saw fairies that are stronger than you. By the way, you need to take a shower, arrogant Raef.


As soon as I finished my blabbering, it was smaller than a common cat. Full of courage, I ended my tale stomping the tiny dragon. A monster has feelings, too.

Hours later, when I was being praised as the world's gratest hero by the crowd, I explained as a fearless hero looking to the bright full moon.

"A knight is a man who looks forward, always"




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