My Life Love Disaster

These poems are made by me. Describing what I've gone through every time I've tried to date someone. There is one saying that my friend made for me before she had to leave me.


6. You Called My Name

You Called My Name

It may have been a whisper, but I heard it

My name

You called it

You called me

My name has meaning

It means love


I'm caring

This is me


You Called My Name

You called my name

Even if it was just to say 'hi'

You called it

You called my name to tell me something

To tell me you love me

That's the first

You called my name to make me happy

To make my heart jump


You Called My Name

You called it to tell me the truth

To tell me that I'm the one

I am the one

But I was the only one


You Broke It

You broke my heart

You told me you loved me

Then instead you walked away

Was I not the one

Can I not be the one

You can't just say you love me one time and then walk away

You just can't do that


You Called My Name

After all you did call my name

I did turn around and listen

Even though my conscience told me to keep walking

But I didn't listen

I listened to you

I believed you

And now I'm broken

Broken hearted

Stop calling my name

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