My Life Love Disaster

These poems are made by me. Describing what I've gone through every time I've tried to date someone. There is one saying that my friend made for me before she had to leave me.


8. Why?

Why you ask?

Why did I do it?

Why did I hurt myself?

It's difficult to explain, but I can try.

I hurt myself because after the one person I fell in love with left me.

He told me that he felt differently and then went to my bff.

I hurt myself because he used me to get over his ex-girlfriend.

He hurt me because I'm easily hurt.

But why do I have to be an easy target?

You wanna know why?

Because I let my ego be small, and then when I finally stop acting like everything's fine and things are about me I get hurt.

I didn't want to be selfish, but it seems like that's what I am now.


Why did I wait until now to let the real me show?

Because before I was a coward and I didn't want people to think differently of me.

And now you see how all this stuff lead to me hurting myself.

I've been used, abused, and tormented.

My life isn't worth anything.

And I have no future.

Well... at least I know I don't want one,

But my friend told me today and someone else that usually the people who concur more and are more tough and smart are usually the ones that went through really tough things throughout their life.


And this is where my life lead to.

Heart breaking over and over again,

And my life falling apart with only cuts on my arms.

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