My Life Love Disaster

These poems are made by me. Describing what I've gone through every time I've tried to date someone. There is one saying that my friend made for me before she had to leave me.


5. This Morning

This Morning

This morning I woke up expecting to see the sun shine

I woke up expecting to her the bees buzz and the dogs bark

But instead I woke up to clouds filling the sky

And the sound of rain hitting the roof


This Morning

This morning it was dark outside

This morning it was silent

This morning I wanted to wake up

But this morning I stayed asleep

The darkness, the rain, the silence was all part of my disappearance

Part of my future


This Morning

This morning I called you

This morning I called you in my sleep

I cried in my sleep

Well during my death


My Life

My life has lead to this

My life has been dismissed

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