My Life Love Disaster

These poems are made by me. Describing what I've gone through every time I've tried to date someone. There is one saying that my friend made for me before she had to leave me.


4. Last Night

Last Night

Last night was the worst

Last night wasn't the best

Blood lost in the moonlight

Tears shedded in the daylight

Today, Tomorrow, and Always.


Last Night

Last night was all about you

All about your wants and needs

But what about me

What about what I want

What I need

No, no one cares

See no one has ever cared

Until last night


Last Night

Last night I dreamt of dying

Dreamt of you holding me until my eyes were closed

But it wasn't a dream

It wasn't just something I can wake up from and say "Don't worry. It was just a dream"

It's not something I can change

Because last night was the end of you and me

The end of eternity

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