When Alice was alive

Alice is a young girl smart, beautiful ,kind but weak.
For years she has had to overcome depression that was caused all by bulling , when she joins her new school the bulling explodes physically and mentally will she have to contact an old friend whom she never wants to see again?
Read to find out!


8. Wedding party




Wedding party

​A month after rose's birth me and Jamie tied the knot both at eighteen years old we decided it was best for rose , also me and Jamie loved each other we had been together for two years after all , even if eighteen in some peoples opinions was too young I didn't care at all. I wished mum and dad could have been there to have seen me walk down the isle but the day mum died dad ran off with another women , typical bastard I know. The party began at two o'clock and everyone was desperate to make a fuss of my dear rose , I put her in a small blue dress to match her eyes and small breaks of blonde hair . I was about to let everybody in when Jamie kissed me on my ruby red lips , then he smiled at me with a husband smile.

​I opened the door

​"come in everyone come in" I said beckoning them

me and Jamie had brought a simple middle class house , we had enough money for it a Jamie worked for the police as a officer. And me well I didn't have a great job I just worked for about three hour every weekend as a model and photographer , not great but it works I suppose! 

"please do help yourself to snacks and drinks everyone" I said as I lead them into the kitchen were snacks were laid out on the counter , Jamie's mum and dad "Margret and David" walked over to me and hugged then his mother looked at my dress smiling.

"well my you look even more beautiful up close in that dress dear"

"Thank you Margret , you look wonderful yourself" I replied looking at her pink halter dress

I showed everyone into our living room where I had placed more snacks and drinks, then I led them into the garden were everyone began talking to each other and feasting on the snacks. Jamie introduced his family to me and I introduced him to what was left of mine, I particularly like his twin cousins Peter and Mikey who were obsessed with Spider-Man and batman which I found very sweet then I went and met his dear god sister Eliza.    

we became very close friends as we both knew a lot about children and adults , why because we were in-between.

"She's so sweet" Eliza said while twisting her plat and making funny faces at rose , rose giggled with delight and began pointing at her then looking at me.

"I know , I know is that my crazy god sister" I said pressing her nose to mine

"I wish I had kids , haven't met the right guy yet though , seems like you did for you and Jamie it was love at first sight!" she said smiling

"yes It was , so why haven't you met the right guy?" I asked

"mwah don't know , I have a boyfriend but he's a bit off with me at the moment"

"How old is he?"

"Oh he's seventeen like me." she said

"is he your first boyfriend ?" I ask

"Yep maybe I'm kind of pushy that's why he's off"

"Exactly when me and Jamie met he was sort of a bit of a rip off but he revealed his true emotions to me later, it will work out for you to honey you'll be down the isle in no time"

"Oh my god Jamie! Alice come quick" Margret yells

I asked Eliza to hold rose then follow me I walked into the living room placed my champagne glass on the table then walked out into the garden , my dad was out there!

"Eliza hide rose now please , my dads going to want to kill her for me marrying Jamie !"

"Ok were honey?" Eliza whispers

"err the wardrobe in my bedroom quickly go!" Eliza sprinted up the stairs and into my room were a large empty wardrobe stood me and Jamie had only just moved in so that's why it was empty.

"Dad what the hell are you doing here...Oh my god Jamie what have you done to him" I rushed to Jamie's side as I saw his white tux shirt was stained with his own blood, dad was holding one end of a broken whine bottle looking at me with rage in his eyes.

"where's your fucking kid!" he screams

"I'm not telling you dad Stay away from my husband and my kid or Ill..."

"what , what are you going to do you wretch!"

"Ill hurt you do you hear me! Now get out of my house or so help me god I will call the cops on you"

My dad walked  past me and into the house ,he got out a knife from his pocket  I knew what he was going to do I chased after him with Jamie we were hot on his heels and chased him up the stairs.

"Dad please don't hurt her!" I screamed

I rushed to protect Eliza and my child , one dead mother was enough I didn't need a dead child! I grabbed the knifes blade and it tore into my palms I was desperate  to protect my friend and child so I pulled as hard as I could!

My hands stung and blood pored onto my dress but I didn't care my mother instinct kicked in again so I kicked my dad as hard as I could but he still stole the knife from my hands. Jamie then ran to place me still on the stairs to stop me from harming myself again, he had a electric Taser from the basement he tried to shot my dad but he missed hitting the wall!  my dad ran into the nursery kicking draws and Roses crib over , then he saw my room he saw Eliza hiding in the wardrobe, he was a maniac he stabbed at wardrobe but Eliza held it shut from the inside.

"Nooo!" I shrieked

"Help me" Eliza squealed

Then my dad stopped  he fell and then dropped the knife , Jamie had got  him with the Taser. I cried on the staircase with relief as Jamie pulled Eliza from the closet . 

"Oh my god "she cried

"are you ok is rose ok!" I yelped

"I'm fine don't worry about me , rose is ok she's crying though" she said gingerly

Jamie held rose in her arms while Eliza stood and cried in shock smears of mascara glided down her face, she was truly just as shocked as I was. Jamie walked over to me and held me rose , then Jamie kissed me on my ruby red now smudged lips.

"its ok , she's ok honey"

"Sing to her Alice that helps children" Eliza said

"Sleep, baby, sleep
Your father tends the sheep
Your mother shakes the dreamland tree
And from it fall sweet dreams for thee
Sleep, baby, sleep​" I sang softly as Margret and a few others ran up the stairs to check on us, Margret held her phone up then breathed out in relief.

"I've  called the police" she said soothingly

I watched the guests and the police leave the party with my dad in handcuffs I couldn't take it anymore why was dad so bothered with me and Jamie and my poor dear rose , oh my poor rose she was traumatised ! the attic was cold damp and dark but it was the only place where I could get peace from Jamie. Eliza left in fear but forgave the fact my dad had tried to kill her and rose, the poor girl was almost as traumatised as Rose.

I heard the door check I didn't even look, I knew it was Jamie.

"Alice are you ok, babe?"

"I'm sorry"

"For what?"

"My dad ruining the party with my dad."

"its not your fault, its mine I shouldn't have tried to fight him!"

"no its mine, please just leave me"

He kissed me on the cheek then left the attic I sat in the crumbling attic alone and upset.


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