When Alice was alive

Alice is a young girl smart, beautiful ,kind but weak.
For years she has had to overcome depression that was caused all by bulling , when she joins her new school the bulling explodes physically and mentally will she have to contact an old friend whom she never wants to see again?
Read to find out!


5. Shades work


Shades work

​All I could think about was Claire and Stacey hanging out being ....friends I couldn't suck it up or breath it in to believe it but I still knew it was true sadly for once I wasn't having a nightmare. The day of school was pretty boring nothing much happened ,I sat next to a boy called Jamie in English who was a huge pain in the ass as he kept asking questions about me , why I have no idea. he seemed quite nice though told me he thought I was pretty that's a good sign I guess. Then lunch time came everything inside me broke when Claire went and sat down next to Stacey who gestured her middle figure towards me, and Claire being a two faced bitch towards Stacey jokingly slapped her with her hair to tell her not to be rude, still I felt so alone so useless. I didn't have anything to eat as I wasn't hungry instead I visited the library which was a whole twenty minute journey to find, in the end I found it right at the centre of the school were I thought was a silly place to put it, the librarian seemed tuff she had a deep voice like a sharp glacier ,prickling in the cold all was well with her until Jamie came in and started talking to me.


"Hi ​Alice you ok?" he attempts to whisper

"Fine , please keep your voice down Jamie I'm trying not to get in trouble" I say whispering

​"Do you like reading then I do my favourite books called..." he was cut of my a grouchy voice

"you two keep your voices down or leave!" she say in scratchy voice , I smiled at her and nodded pretending to be nice to her when really I wanted to drag her to a sign that says "Talking is not against the law!"​ ,I guess you could say the dragging part was bit harsh after all the librarian was at least seventy and struggled to move around most of the time I saw her walk to a shelf to get a book.

"Sorry miss, as I was saying I love the book in the shack" he continues

"I think I've read that one, is it about a man named mark who gets that odd letter to the shack?"

"That's the one!" Jamie shrieks loudly

"that's it get out move it go on!" the librarian squeaks as she shoos us with her hand

me and Jamie waited till we were outside to laugh our heads off , the way the librarian said shoo was so funny , she sounded like a dying cow. Jamie impersonated her as we walked into the schools ground it was cold and snowing like In Antarctica or something.

"Hay do you want to see the balcony?"

"Oh err sure"

"you scared of heights huh?"

"A little , its no biggie ill go up there is it safe ?"

"Oh god yeah , its full proof no ones ever fallen off it or anything." 

"well ok then"

we practically had  to clamber up there stair well to get to the balcony as there were soo many stairs! when we finally reached the top Jamie took my hand and whispered in my ear "be brave" I clung to his hand as we approached the edge , I looked at him and he smiled shyly .he seemed unafraid and from that moment onward I trusted him ,with my life to bet on.

"its not so bad right?" he said

"I suppose its sort of pretty, I mean you can see the snow and the wood from here its ...beautiful" I clenched his hand and smiled at him.

"thanks for taking me out here Jamie "I said then I kissed him on the cheek

"its ok ,what was that for"

"for being so kind to me today "I replied

"your welcome gorgeous." then we just stared at each other , that's when I felt it ..... I could actually be his girlfriend in the future maybe even wife , so Jamie was such an ass after all. then I heard is a numb low voice say to me ...

"love is priced with a shed of blood , don't expect to stay with him."




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