When Alice was alive

Alice is a young girl smart, beautiful ,kind but weak.
For years she has had to overcome depression that was caused all by bulling , when she joins her new school the bulling explodes physically and mentally will she have to contact an old friend whom she never wants to see again?
Read to find out!


6. Love?




​The next class was art but it was very boring but I really helped me express my artistic side for Jamie , he liked art so I felt like it was right to enjoy it for him....at least. my painting was kinda pretty if you conceder skulls pretty. After class I almost got on the bus but something happened, something very sweet of Jamie.

"Alice wait up need a lift " he yelled as I took out my zip card

"I'm fine Jamie but thanks"

"no I insist , I honestly don't mind"

"in that case yes please I don't want to see Stacey's ugly face on the bus" I sniggered

he took my hand and led me to the car , it was a ford not to shabby a few scratches but nothing to mega to put me off it. Nice I told him as he opened the car door for me , he was a good driver for someone who was still trying to pass his test went a little to fast over speed bumps , missed a few turnings to my house but still got me home on time.


"Gee thanks Jamie "I smiled at him

"No problem" he said

"well see you tomorrow" I replied

"Wait !  I can do this for you everyday if you want?"

"really you'd do that for me ,thanks!" I kissed him on the cheek

"again a kiss on the cheek come on Alice "he puckered his lips mimicking kissing noises I laughed then waved goodbye then heard it as he drove away.

"Alice, I love you!" he shrieked

"same to you " I yelled


I was so happy no more than happy! I had kissed a boy twice and got a lift fro him, and he told me he loved me!


But when I got in my heart was crushed, mum was drunk and screaming on the floor madly she had something in her hand something I knew she had tried before and it had got her placed in hospital! a syringe with some heroin in it , I couldn't believe shed had injected herself again with heroin!


"shit!"I whimpered

"Hiya honey how ya doin" she tried to say but it came out sounding mumbled

I called the police and they took mum away to hospital because she was so sick and the heroin she had used was clearly taking effect . I couldn't see her as she was in a delicate state I don't know where to go, so I picked up my phone and just asked Jamie what to do.

"you can come stay at my place" he said

"id like that" I answered

I had no idea what was going to happen his parents weren't home so of course I agreed to it.



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