When Alice was alive

Alice is a young girl smart, beautiful ,kind but weak.
For years she has had to overcome depression that was caused all by bulling , when she joins her new school the bulling explodes physically and mentally will she have to contact an old friend whom she never wants to see again?
Read to find out!


4. Dark stories

Dark secrets

my shadow had a mind of it's own and always talks to me ,like some kind of nut job which I believed it was.

whenever I felt alone or uncomfortable shade as I called her knew why ,every single time! I suspected shed probably talk to me at the moment I sat down on the bath room floor , and whenever she did speak to me bad shit happened .

I can feel your every suffering she says like a complete creep I'm not surprised she said it to , but she was the only comfort I had the only happiness and joy I felt as I spoke to her.

"so my dear do you wan to speak to me now ?"

"yes what can I  get Claire to realize that Stacey's a manacle little bitch?"

"revenge , play a prank on her ."

"ok, shade but if anything goes wrong its on you"

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