When Alice was alive

Alice is a young girl smart, beautiful ,kind but weak.
For years she has had to overcome depression that was caused all by bulling , when she joins her new school the bulling explodes physically and mentally will she have to contact an old friend whom she never wants to see again?
Read to find out!


1. dark dreams


    dark dreams


Every night since I was six I had bad dreams ..... well I guess  we all do, but not like mine.

Mine were terrifying, I was so helpless in them so very helpless. So helpless in fact I felt like the awful things that happened to me in the dreams would come true, I would be locked in a old house in the forest with a witch, id be murdered by my own mother and the worst yet dying while in birth!

these are only a few of the haunting nightmares I have, some are worse apart from the birth one. Indeed I dreamt I was giving birth to a precious being, but just as the baby was placed in my arms my heart rate dropped dramatically and my life slipped from me and so did my child.

I've never had nice dreams as you can tell , never.

My parents always tried to comfort me over my dreams but it never worked at all , to be honest it only made them worse.




"Alice! Alice dear wake up your dreaming!" my mum yells as she shakes me violently awake

"Mum oh god it's going to kill me do you hear me, oh mum help me!"

"Shh its ok now darling I'm here I always will be ,what did you dream about huh?" she asks as usual

"there was a tall man dressed in black and he ...well he chased me through the wood with an axe yelling witch ,witch and then he threw his axe at me just before you woke me up." I say distressed

"No daughter of mine is a witch , don't listen to your dreams Alice there only trying to scare you."

"Yeah I guess , I still don't like them"

"I don't blame you dear" she sniggers 

"now lets have breakfast would pancakes make you feel better?"

"well that's a rhetorical question.....yes please!"



As you can tell my mother is a truly good person, but that will change later on, Anyway this is were are story starts on a normal day in Cambridge.

After washing my face I went down stairs for breakfast  which was on the table waiting for me , glories pancakes I thought to myself sweetly. mum was sitting on the table already having toast and a yogurt that didn't look very appetizing, I began to eat my breakfast when mum interrupted my pancake party.

"So where's the asshole gone today Alice? I know you know."

"Oh err dad went outlast night to the pub he's probably babbling on the sidewalk or something, I'm sorry mum he told me not to tell you he knew you'd get mad I guess"

"oh for gods sake he's such an ass! I'm not mad at you or him ... I'm just disappointed ,you know me and your dad were not getting along like we used to do." she said the looked at me blankly as if to say all hope is lost

It was true my dad was a complete utter ass , and him and mum hadn't been getting along very well the other week dad had argued with mum about her going out to see a play and leaving me home alone. And I know why for about two years I have suffered with depression because of bulling, it started in primary when I was constantly pestered for my height and my weight .

"oh look here comes the praying mantis everyone"

and then of Couse everybody would laugh at the fact I was tall and skinny, and since then short shrimp sized bitches have mocked me for it.


"Alice are you listening to me?"

"oh sorry mum I was day dreaming"

"as I ways saying are you excited about your new school?"

"I don't know will girls there like me." I wonder

" I don't know Alice I really don't know." mum answers timidly as I turn to stare out of the window, as I look I see three birds sitting on the washing line perched still like statue as they see me. sometimes I wish I was a bird so I could fly away from everything , every bully ,every nightmare and every dark moment in my life!

When I fly ill be free of everything, apart from myself witch is the main thing I wish I could fly away from. 






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