When Alice was alive

Alice is a young girl smart, beautiful ,kind but weak.
For years she has had to overcome depression that was caused all by bulling , when she joins her new school the bulling explodes physically and mentally will she have to contact an old friend whom she never wants to see again?
Read to find out!


12. Broken bones

I awoke to beeping , Jamie kissed me he was holding rose she was all fine , I whispered the words "Shade" .

I whispered her name again "Shade" , I was terrified was she still here? 

"Babe you jumped." Jamie said 

"What happened why did I jump?" I asked

"You had a panic attack , said you were screaming I'm useless and stupid ." Jamie told me


"She's fine."  Jamie told me 

I whispered her name "Shade" , she did not answer. 

"I grabbed you before you jumped  any further I saw you screaming from the window , so I kinda stopped you , still broke your leg though."

Shade had fallen , I hadn't I was alive , a part of me died Shade died . I was told by doctors that I had post traumatic stress disorder and it had taken effect ever since I had heard voices within my head being shade , another side effect of me breaking my leg so easily was an eating disorder that had made my bones brital, I spent more time feeding rose than I did my self

But that wasn’t important this was and still is

This story is the story of how shade died not Alice ,not me I'm alive with Jamie , with my darling Rose and I’m twenty five old now still climbing to reach my goals of becoming a healthy role model for my daughter and my fans who support me everyday reading my story on social media I have one million followers who see me as what’s helping then to stay alive.

You will survive , you are loved , by me , by those whom are closest to you and you will win against the darkness now fight . Xxxx





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