When Alice was alive

Alice is a young girl smart, beautiful ,kind but weak.
For years she has had to overcome depression that was caused all by bulling , when she joins her new school the bulling explodes physically and mentally will she have to contact an old friend whom she never wants to see again?
Read to find out!


2. A unexpected foe


             A unexpected foe

My mother dropped me at my new school (north Cambridge academy ) at eight forty so I could hopefully find my old primary school friend Claire, me and Claire were super close even as babies!

​I hadn't seen Claire for months the last time we had met up was to go ice skating , we had a blast and when we finally had to leave me and Claire wept tears of joy and sadness that's how close we were.

​As I looked at the school I shuddered at the thought of how much importance it stood for, north Cambridge academy was one of the top high schools, and I still couldn't believe I had been accepted to go there.

"Alice is that you?"

I turned around in disbelief  to see a short  girl with a high ponytail wearing a large pink coat that looked very expensive , I knew exactly who she was.

​oh shoot I muttered under my breath

​"Stacey ....hay" I said awkwardly

​"What the hell are you doing here?" she said rudely

​" Oh I got into this school after .."

​"Me and Kate picked on you , yeah I got expelled I'm just lucky my mum works here!"

​I glared at her and that short little pig glared right back at me with her beady little eyes , she was practically staring into my soul. She flicked her hair to the side then stood up straight and spoke

​"You just stay out of my way ,praying mantis" she said offensively then walked past me knocking my shoulder as she went by , I told myself to stay calm as she walked over to a bunch of other girls ,I could tell I was going to have some trouble from that moment on with Stacey and her new friends.

​Nothing was new with Stacey , in my last school Stacey and her friend Kate had been the ringleaders of a ignorant group of girls that used to pick on me causing my depression to return again.

 It was twelve and lunch had just started and I wasn't in the mood for silly jokes as I walked past Stacey and Kates group table , all of the girls were sitting there looking at me as if I wasn't a human ,but I wouldn't be surprised if they saw me as that. There facial  stuck on like writing on there faces explained everything, bored , ready for mockery , ugh I hate that freak, watch your step praying mantis.


"Hello Alice do you want  banana" one of the girls yells at me as she throws her banana at the back of my head

"you just wait next shell want bugs after all she is a praying mantis!" All of the girls sniggered as I walked away from  Stacey's rude comment and into the girls bath room. I sat there on the wet floor and got out a needle from my bag and scratched it onto he back of my hand ignoring the pain ,a girl came in and stared at me as the gashes on the back of my hand poured out blood onto the tiled floor.

"Oh god are you ok?" the girl asks


"Fine ,now go away" I whimper

"Are you sure I can take you to the medical.."

"Just go away did you not here me GO!" I yell at her like a complete psycho

The girl ran out startled and then closed the bathroom door I could tell she was just another girl who didn't really care , that only wanted to find out about me then gossip crap. I got up didn't bother about washing the blood from my hand , as I got up I looked in the mirror at myself.

"you really are a freak Alice , you deserve this pain" I say to myself holding my hand up to the mirror

"just kill yourself already you bitch!"


I couldn't help but think back to that moment  in my old school , that's how Stacey and her grisly little friends made me feel about myself , that I needed to die because the whole world hates me ! I even felt at that time my closest friend my mum couldn't stand to be around me but I knew when she saw the scars when she saw the bleeding when she began to cry she did love me and that's why I said to her

"I need help"












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