An unexpected event

Poppy gets on the wrong plane. She's supposed to be going to New Zealand with her family but instead gets the flight to Maryland. She finds love, old friends, new enemies, and a heck load of problems! Will she get to where she needs to be? Or will Marcus capture her heart...


19. Yes! I do actually!

: Poppy POV: who is that? Who. Is. That?! I see Marcus stood with a blonde haired girl. They're talking. The girl is pointing. Who is she tho? I'll go and find Lucas and ask him....

I hear the kettle downstairs. "Tea Poppy?" Lucas asks. "Not right now Lucas I need to ask you something" I say.

Alissa POV: so, I've got Marcus out here. Mackenzie is sat on the bench over there. This is perfect! "Marcus!! Hiii" I exclaim. He looks confused. "What did you need to talk to me about Alissa?" He says. Ugh. Impatient much? He probably wants to get back to... ugh.. poppy🤢 that backstabbing lying little- "Alissa?" Marcus says again. Ugh. Fine. I'm only here for Mackenzie anyway. "You see that girl over there?" I say and point over to Mackenzie who's looking down at a follower she's fiddling with in her hands. "That's Kenz. My best friend." I tell Marcus. "Kenz? Her?! I know her!" Marcus yells. "No... er.... no no you dont!! Of course not! Hehe" I say awkwardly. He's probably thinking of- "yeah! She's the one who kissed me!" He says getting louder. Oh, god. This isn't going well. "Yes well um... that's because she love you!!" I blurt out. Marcus puts on a straight face and looks at me. "Look. If you could maybe say you like her back then you could-" I start but Marcus interrupts. "No. I'm... *sigh* I'm already in love with someone else," he says and looks up to his bedroom window. "Shut up. You don't love her! Stop lying with those words!" (PAUSE STORY: yes, that was a Melanie Martinez line😂💗RESUME STORY) "Alissa you don't even know Poppy!" Marcus yells. "Yes! Actually I do!" I snap back.

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