An unexpected event

Poppy gets on the wrong plane. She's supposed to be going to New Zealand with her family but instead gets the flight to Maryland. She finds love, old friends, new enemies, and a heck load of problems! Will she get to where she needs to be? Or will Marcus capture her heart...


9. What next?

Poppy POV: ow! I look up and see a girl. She has auburn hair and beautiful green eyes. "Oops!" I grunt. "It's okay, wanna walk with me - you're gonna catch a cold. share my umbrella?" She replied. Who is this girl and why is she being so nice to me? "Thanks," I say. "Where are you off to?" The girl asks. I don't really know. I just stand there and don't reply. "I'm heading to see Jake Paul, have you heard of him?" The girl tells me. Jake Paul? Jake Paul? Why does that ring a bell? I'm sure Marcus or Lucas have said that name... right? "I think I've heard of him." I say. "What's your name?" I continue. "Jessica but my friends call me Jessi." She says cheerily. "Don't look so glum, come see Jake with me - I'm sure he'll make you smile." Marcus POV (back outside somewhere😂): what just happened?! I blinked and the girl was gone. I turn around and see Poppy is gone. Now I'm stood in the rain alone... I need to process this for a moment. -a few moments later- I'm under a little shelter and think about what happened. 1. Someone was spying on me and Poppy 2. I went to see who it was 3. I talk to the girl 4. She kisses me 5. I blink and her and Poppy are gone. I just kissed some random girl and Poppy probably saw just as I was telling her I didn't want her to go home and she probably thinks I'm lying. Crap! Now what? I can't just sit here. I can't run home either... I need to find Poppy... but what about Mackenzie? No, I'll go and find Poppy and sort things out.

Johannie POV (it's now close to sunset): Lucas has been avoiding me all afternoon. What's wrong with him? I walk into my bedroom and find the most beautiful dress I've ever seen. I get closer and see a tiny note: 'get ready and meet me on the balcony ~L'. My heart practically melts! But what could Lucas be planning? I lift up the dress as it shimmers in the beams of sunlight sliding through the curtains. It's a long, red dress covered in glitter with a silky fabric and ribbons on the arms. I gently slide into it and walk over to my mirror. It's perfect!!😍 but my hair is a mess. It's been in plaits all day so I'll take them out and it'll be all wavy! I undo my braids and brush the knots out

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