An unexpected event

Poppy gets on the wrong plane. She's supposed to be going to New Zealand with her family but instead gets the flight to Maryland. She finds love, old friends, new enemies, and a heck load of problems! Will she get to where she needs to be? Or will Marcus capture her heart...


20. Wait. WHAT?!

Alissa POV: "Marcus! I do know who Poppy is! She's a backstabbing liar!" I yell. She went to my Primary school! Of course I know her! "We both went to the same primary cause we both lived in New Zealand! I had confidence problems. She was my only friend! She promised me she'd never leave me, that we'd always be friends, that she'd help me get over my confidence probs. But guess what! She moved to England! She left me! Forgot about me! She moved for years! And.... and never came back..." I exclaim trying to keep a brace face. "I lost every single tiny hope of confidence. My last years of primary and first years of secondary were horrible. Alone. Scared. Sick. Teased! Lied to!" I say getting louder. "SHE LEFT ME MARCUS! AND YOU KNOW WHY? CAUSE THE ONLY PERSON SHE CARES ABOUT IS HERSELF!" I yelp. Marcus looks at me blankly. "Alissa. I had no idea. I'm so sor-" he starts. "DONT BE! JUST KNOW THAT THAT GIRL WILL BREAK YOURE HEART! THE GIRL OVER THERE IS LOVING, CARING, BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADY WHO FRIGGIN LOVES YOU MORE THAT ALL THE STARS IN THE SKY! *sigh* look, it's your choice but. I know what I would do." I finish. I really hope he chooses Kenz. That little miss full of herself up there ruined my life, I'm not going to let her ruin Mackenzie's! I look at Marcus. He looks at Mackenzie. And then back up to his bedroom window.

Johannie POV: morning already? God. I'm so tired. I could've slept way longer if it weren't for all that shouting outside. Ugh. I look out the window and see Alissa shouting at Marcus and pointing at a girl I'd never seen before and then pointing at Marcus' bedroom window. What is she up to? I go downstairs to see Lucas. He's down there with Poppy already. "Hey baby." Lucas says as I walk in. "Hi guys!" I say back. I kiss Lucas on the cheek. "Did you see Alissa out there shouting at Marcus?" I ask.

Poppy POV: I take a sip of tea (I know I said I didn't want one but Lucas said it'd make me feel better) and then I hear the name. "*SPITS TEA OUT OF MOUTH*" "WHAT?!

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