An unexpected event

Poppy gets on the wrong plane. She's supposed to be going to New Zealand with her family but instead gets the flight to Maryland. She finds love, old friends, new enemies, and a heck load of problems! Will she get to where she needs to be? Or will Marcus capture her heart...


15. Starbucks solves everything

Jessi's POV (Jake's house): what just happened. Do Marcus and poppy know each other. Marcus just ran in and chased Poppy round the whole house. What's going on?! "Jake, what just happened?" I ask. A few moments later, he replied,"I'm not sure.." that's when they both walk round the corner holding hand like nothing happened. "What was all of that about!" I exclaim.

My POV: Marcus explained everything and even though I may still have a small doubt about his story, I'm in no position to pass up 'friends'... I still feel like it's more than that though.... "sorry Jessi, it was just a." I'm cut off by Marcus. "I needed to see Poppy and she ran away in a game of... sort of tig." He says. Yeah right Marcus. "Oh, okay." Jessi says, but doesn't look convinced. "Why are you two holding hands?" She says. Oops. I let go. Marcus doesn't. We just stand there until Jake comes over. "Marcus, hey!!" He says. "Hi Jake." PAUSE STORY!This is a time when dobre twins were in team 10 and Jake and then were all best friends. BACK TO STORY:Jakes POV: "babes why don't you and Poppy go to your room and me and Marcus will follow up in a second." I say. "Okay." Jessi says and her and poppy go upstairs. "Marcus, can I talk to you man." I tell Marcus. "Sure, what about?" He said. "Marcus I know there's more to that girl." Lydia POV(at the twins house): the door opens."Hello, can I help you." She says. "Um, hi, I'm Lydia and I'm," I start to say and mumble the rest," Lucas' ex." Johannie smiles awkwardly. "Look, I had a bad past with Lucas and wanted to put things right by asking if you wanted to go grab a Starbucks with me?" I ask, nervously. "..., Lucas?" Johannie shouts. "I'd love to.. but I need to check something with Lucas, one second." She finishes and shuts the door. What could she be checking with Lucas? Was this a bad idea. A few minutes later, Johannie comes back out. "Let's go!" She said. 💗❤️💕

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