An unexpected event

Poppy gets on the wrong plane. She's supposed to be going to New Zealand with her family but instead gets the flight to Maryland. She finds love, old friends, new enemies, and a heck load of problems! Will she get to where she needs to be? Or will Marcus capture her heart...


3. Seriously?

I let go and we stopped. The boy smiled. "I'm Marcus" he says to me. "I'm Poppy" I reply. My heart skipped a beat but then I remembered why I was here. "I am lost. I was meant to be going to New Zealand with my family but kinda boarded the wrong plane..." I explain.

At Marcus house: "It means a lot that you are helping me. " I say. "No problem!" He replied.

Then Marcus goes over to Lucas and the other girls and I remember. Oh crap - i thought they were going out and I have just kissed him! The group comes over to me. All of a sudden a girl comes running into the house. "Lucas!!" She shouts. "Johannie?!" He turns and runs towards he and sweeps her up in his arms. "I missed you so much!" Marcus says to me that that girl is Lucas girlfriend. "Hey Johannie!" Zoe and Nadia say in union. "Who's that?" She says. "That's Marcus girlfriend!" They say and start giggling. I blush a shade of red, not red, crimson, not crimsons TOMATO RED! "She's not my girlfriend, she just needs help getting to New Zealand and I offered. Nadia whispers to Johannie but I didn't hear what but was guessing it was about our kiss because Johannie's mouth turned into an o shape. Marcus grabs my hand and says "let's go," Johannie POV: I've just came back from Hawaii and feel like I've missed SO much! I kiss Lucas and he kisses back. Nadia says she has to go and leaves and it's just me, Lucas and Zoe. "wanna grab a pizza?" Lucas says. Sure okay I reply. Are you coming Zoe I say. Nah, I'll leave you two love bugs to catch up a bit.

Zoe POV: I did want them to get some catch up time but the real reason I stayed behind was because I saw a sketchy figure hanging round the house. I go looking for it and soon see a girl looking into Marcus bedroom window!

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