Unknown Number

Unknown Number: yo jc come edit this video. I dont wanna

Me: um i'm sorry but you have the wrong number.

Unknown Number:...

Unknown Number: oh shit



4. TWO

If you're texting a girl and you accidentally type "hoe" instead of "how", that's the universe telling you that she's a hoe ~unknown

*Violetta's p.o.v.

2:15 pm

Me: you texted me at 12:09 in the morning?

Kian: yeah?

Me: why were you up so late?

Kian: idkkkk

Me: 🤦

Me: idiot

Kian: ha ik

Kian: so wyd

Me: watching a video

Kian: ooh is it one of my videos?

Me: no

Kian: oh...

Me: it's a david dobrik video*

Kian: he's cool. i like his vlogs

Me: yeah me too

Kian: well obviously or you wouldn't be watching it

Me: so much sass in that text

Kian: damn right! 👌

Me: what's that supposed to be?

Kian: well there isn't a snapping finger emoji so i use that emoji

Me: oh. makes sense

Kian: ik. i'm smart

Me: mhm.

Kian: you should watch my videos that i make with a friend or friends really

Me: okay. what is your channel called?

Kian: it's called KianAndJc

Me: it feels like i've heard that before

Kian: must be sign, telling you to watch it

Me: lol it might be

Kian: let me know what you think it

Me: okay

2:25 pm

Kian: have you watched a video yet

Me: yeah...

Kian: and...?

Me: it's so...

Kian: what??

Me: it's just so...

Kian: so WHAT???

Me: so... frEAKING FUNNY

Kian: 😂😂

Me: i've never laughed so hard in my life 😂

Kian: lol

Me: you and jc are weirddd 😂😂😂

Kian: ikkkkk that's why we're bffs 😊

2:32 pm

Kian: so i'm guessing you like our videos

Me: heck yeah!

Kian: good 😚

Kian: *😊

Me: so i'm guessing you guys are like famous because you're youtubers, social media stars, and holY SHIT YOU'RE AN ACTOR?!?!

Kian: aha yeah...

Me: how come i've never heard of you before??

Kian: idk

Me: is that why you didn't want me to tell people i have your number?

Kian: yeah

Me: psh. trust me i'm not. and even if i did, no one would believe me anyway.

Me: you're cute btw

Kian: lol thanks

Me: de nada

Me: it's funny how you and jc are trying to say stuff in spanish, and i have to give it to you guys, it's not that bad.

Kian: why do you know how to speak in spanish?

Me: i do actually

Kian: okay then. text something in spanish, and it needs to be quick so then i know you're not using google translate

Meyo mentí, chicos, chupa

Kian: what does that mean

Me: it means "i lied, you guys suck"

Kian: wow, that's hurtful 😢

Me: haha

2:37 pm

Kian: i wanna see what you look likeee

Me: okay

Kian: wait really?

Me: lol yeah?

Kian: oh. i didn't think you would send one.

Me: i'm not those girls who say no because they think they're ugly and have the guy basically begging for a picture. that's just annoying.


Kian: 😳🤤

Me: lol your turn

Kian: okay


Mepapi 🤤

Kian: lol, i didn't want to send any pics that made me look like a fuckboy

Me: yeah ab that..

Kian: oh no...

Me: there were some moments in your videos that you look or sound like a douche bag or a fuckboy. but i watch your video about what are some stuff you like in a girl and you didn't say anything that a fuckboy or a douche bag would say so congrats.

Kian: haha thanks.

Kian: hey i gotta go...

Me: lol okay

Kian: i'll text you later?

Me: sure, if i'm not busy

Kian: okay bye!

Me: lol bye

2:41 pm


I liked this chapter. It kept me busy. Who else watches David Dobrik's vlogs? I love his vlogs, they are sooo funny! My favorite out of that group would have to be Zane and Heath. I honestly love those two. If I had to pick which one was the hottest, I think it's pretty obvious. Todd!😍 I love all the others as well. I just love his videos in general. Don't forget to like and comment, letting me know if you liked this chapter, if there should be any changes (nicely), or something that you didn't like about this chapter (nicely). Love you!



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