Unknown Number

Unknown Number: yo jc come edit this video. I dont wanna

Me: um i'm sorry but you have the wrong number.

Unknown Number:...

Unknown Number: oh shit




Not knowing what to text back, but not wanting the conversation to end. ~unknown

Violetta's p.o.v.-


As I'm getting some clothes ready for the concert because Tony and I are leaving early today, I hear my phone ringing. I pick it up and without looking at the caller I.D., I press answer.


"What's your address." It's a male voice. I frown and look at the caller. It's Kian.

"What?" I ask.

"What's your address?" He asks again, this time his voice stern. I shake my head.

"If this is your way of apologizing, it sucks." I fold my arm.

"Violetta, please stop being stubborn and just tell me your address." He says, sounding frustrated.

"No. I'm not going-"

"What's your address!" He says loudly, causing me to jump.

"Uh, it's, uh, *tells address*. Why do you need my address?" I ask, a little scared.

"Thanks. I'll be over in ten." Then he hangs up. I look at my phone. What the hell? I think. I toss my phone and try to ignore the weird feeling in my stomach and finish up packing. I couldn't focus long enough though so I start pacing around in my room.

Why does he need to know where I live? I start thinking.

Is he coming over to apologize to my face? Is he going to say that he doesn't want to talk to me anymore? Why couldn't he just say what he needs to say to my face? Is he going to kill me?

Then I hear knocking at my door. I stop pacing and walk out of my room and to my apartment door. I take a deep breath before opening it, revealing Kian standing on the other side. He looks up at me and gives me a small smile.

"Hey," He says. I just stare at him with a confused expression on my face.

"Can I, uh, come in?" I nod my head and move to the side, allowing him to walk in. When I close the door and turn around, he's just standing there with his hands in my pockets.

"What do you need, Kian?" I ask. He sighs.

"Well, I had something planned to say to you, but now that I'm standing in front of you, I'm getting on nervous." He chuckles. We stand there for a few minutes until I get irritated.

"Okay, well if you're not going to say anything, then you can just leave," I say. He puts his hands out.

"Wait, okay. I'll speak." He sighs and then runs a hand through his buzz-cut hair.

"Look, I'm sorry. What I texted you that day was uncalled for and rude and I shouldn't have said that stuff. I started to jump to conclusions and I shouldn't have." I nod.

"I... accept your apology." He smiles.

"Okay, good. Well, then now that you've accepted it, then I guess I can do this now..." I give him a confused look.

"What do you m-" Out of nowhere, he steps closer to me and plants his lips onto mine. I stand there in shock, then I relax and place my hands on the back of his neck, cocking my head to deepen the kiss. Finally, he pulls away and I let the air out that I was holding.

"Woah," I say. He laughs.

"I really like you, Violetta. And I want to take this somewhere different than where we're at now." I blink a couple of times.

"Wait, really?" He nods.

"Yeah. If you don't want to, that's okay. I understand. I've been an asshole. But trust me, I'm not an asshole. I'm a wonderful boyfriend." He laughs nervously and rubs the back of his neck. I giggle.

"Are you blushing, Kian?" I tease. He rolls his eyes.

"Are willing to give me a chance?" He asks. I act like I'm thinking about it.

"I don't know... You were right when you said you've been an asshole." He laughs.

"I promise I'm not. I'm a lot better person if you get to know me more." I smile.

"Yes, I'll give you a chance." He smiles really big.

"Good. Actually, great! Then we can go on a date later!" I put a finger up.

"Well, that date is going to have to wait. I'm leaving in a couple of hours with Tony to go see Nicki Minaj live at a concert." He nods.

"Cool. I can wait until you get back. When are you coming back?"

"Monday." He nods again.

"Okay. I'll see you on Monday, then?" I nod.

"Yep." He smiles. Then he gives me a soft, short kiss and then walks out, making sure to look at me and wave then closing the door. 

When I think he's further from my door, I jump and squeal.

That just happened!



This chapter made me so happy. Now I feel satisfied that they're going somewhere and I'm not dragging this story! Comment down below what you thought of it. Thanks for reading! xo

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