Unknown Number

Unknown Number: yo jc come edit this video. I dont wanna

Me: um i'm sorry but you have the wrong number.

Unknown Number:...

Unknown Number: oh shit



12. TEN

People who text instantly, I like that shit. ~unknown

Kian's p.o.v.-


I wake up to remember the incident with Violetta and how I hung up on her while we were facetiming. I groan, embarrassed with myself. I grab my phone and go to Jc's number and press call. Yes, I'm too lazy to just get up and go to his room.





Jc: Hello?

Me: Jc! I have a problem.

Jc: What?

Me: Remember when Violetta facetimed me and then it got interrupted because of you-know-who?

Jc: Yeah, so?

Me: Well, I hung up on her without telling her why and yesterday I like ignored her because I was embarrassed. What should I do?

Jc: Um, how 'bout just call her or text her back and explain why? Duh.

Me: I hate you, dude.

Jc: Whatever.

Me: Hey, what are you doing?

Jc: playing video games with Bobby. 

Me: Oh...

Jc: Did you just wake up?

Me: Hahaha, yeah.

Jc: Dude, you're lazy as fuck.

Me: I know.

Jc: Hey, don't forget we have to film for Monday.

Me: Oh shit, yeah. Okay.

Jc: Aight! Peace, bitch.

Me: Dude, don't call me a bitch.

Jc: Bitch!

Me: Dude, qu-




That motherfucker hung up on me! I decide to text her and explain myself.

Me: Hey are you busy?

I wait a couple minutes for her to answer. I glance at my phone and it said that she read it. Wow, she's fast. Five minutes go by and I still haven't received a text from her. Wait, did she just leave me on read? I question myself. I send her another text.

10:25 am

Me: Did you leave me on read

V🤤: Yes I did.

Me: Please talk to me. Are you busy?

V🤤: Yes I am. 

Me: Are you just saying that?

V🤤: No I'm not.

Me: So we can't talk.

V🤤: Yes.

Me: We can?

V🤤: No!

10:33 am

Me: Whyyy?

V🤤: Bcus I'm mad at you.

Me: Let me explain. I'm sure Ik why you're mad.

V🤤: Nope. I'm busy.

Me: V!

V🤤: Bye.

Me: No!!

She left me on read again. I sigh and toss my phone on my bed. I bet she has a photo shoot. As I think about her at her photo shoot, an idea pops in my head and I bolt up in a sitting position. I'll just go see her! I scramble out of my bed and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Then I throw some clothes on and head downstairs. As I make my way to the front door, I see Bobby and Jc still playing video games. Jc glances my way before averting his attention back to the TV.

"Hey, where are you going?" He asks. I slip on my converses before answering. 

"Gonna go see Violetta. Be right back." He pauses the game, causing Bobby to yell 'dude!' in annoyance.

"Dude, we gotta film a video!"Jc calls. I grab my car keys and open the door.

"I said I'll be right back!" I holler back before closing the door shut and running to my car.



And there is your chapter ten. I already had a chapter ten, but it looks like it got deleted so I had to start from scratch. But this one is better and longer so I'm okay with it. Thanks for reading, y'all are the best!


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