Unknown Number

Unknown Number: yo jc come edit this video. I dont wanna

Me: um i'm sorry but you have the wrong number.

Unknown Number:...

Unknown Number: oh shit



3. ONE

Nobody texts faster than a pissed off female ~unknown

*Violetta's p.o.v.

11:30 pm

Unknown Number: heyyy

Me: one, you sent three y's (tryna slide in i see) and two i don't even know who i'm texting

Unknown Number: oh definetly i'm tryna slide in

Me: *definitely

Unknown Number: shit i spelled that wrong?

Me: yeah. why didn't your phone autocorrect it?

Unknown Number: idk

Me: can i please get your name? it's really creepy when i'm texting a number i don't know

Unknown Number: if it's creepy then you should stop texting a number you don't know😂

Me: i've tried, but you won't leave me alone.

Unknown Number: okay.. but you promise you won't leak my number or tell anyone that you're texting me?

Me: um sure?

Unknown Number: i'm dead-ass serious

Me: okay! I won't! I swear

Unknown Number: and you also promise you'll give me your name?

Me: yes, i will.

Unknown Number: cool.

Unknown Number: it's kian

Me: it's violetta

Kian: that's a badass name

Me: lol thanks. kian's cool too

Kian: sweet

11:35 pm

Kian: so...

Me: so..

Kian: what do you wanna talk about?

Me: idk, whatever

Kian: okay. let's play 20 questions

Me: how about 10 questions

Kian: why not 20?

Me: that's just too much and i'm kinda sleepy

Kian: what time is it?

Me: 11:37 pm

Me: don't you have the same time?

Kian: yeah. i just didn't know if you lived in the us or in a different country or something

Me: no i live in the us. I'm from Inglewood, CA

Kian: sweet. I'm from Sioux City, IA but i'm currently living in LA

Me: me too.

Kian: sweet what do you do?

Me: i'm a model

Kian: that's dope

11:41 pm

Kian: i'm a youtuber thanks for asking

Me: oh sorry haha

Kian: it's cool... or whatevs

Kian: what's your age?

Me: i'm 20. you?

Kian: i'm 22

Kian: we should meet up sometime

Me: mm. maybe

Kian: oh

Me: what?

Kian: nothin

Me: okay

Kian: yea

Me: i'm gonna head to bed. i have to get up early in the morning

Kian: okie. gn! 😊

Me: night

Kian: wait!

Me: yeah?

Kian: can i call you v?

Me: lol idc. pretty much everyone i know calls me that

Kian: aw. i was kinda wishing that that would be like my lil nickname for you but oh well

Me: lol okay. well i'm going to bed now.

Kian: alright. gn this time

Me: gn

12:09 am

Kian: we never got to 10 questions!

Kian: oh well. you're prolly passed out

Kian: we can finish tomorrow

Kian: i'm sleepy now and i'm still texting you even though you're asleep so i'm gonna go to bed

Kian: ttyl


And there is the first chapter! I've never tried a story like this so I'm a little nervous on how this story will turn out. But as usual, let me know what you thought of it by commenting, and liking it. Thanks!



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