Unknown Number

Unknown Number: yo jc come edit this video. I dont wanna

Me: um i'm sorry but you have the wrong number.

Unknown Number:...

Unknown Number: oh shit



11. NINE

Previously on Unknown Number...

EX: Hey.

Me: WTF are you texting me for??

Texting is a brilliant way to miscommunicate how you feel and misinterpret what other people feel. ~unknown


Violetta's p.o.v.-

11:05 pm

EX: I really need to talk to you.

Me: ok then. talk.

EX: Can we do it in person? I don't feel comfortable telling you over the phone.

Me: that's not what you thought when you broke up with me.

EX: Violetta, please. For once, cooperate with me.

Me: this isn't a book, this is texting. you don't need to add the comas in.

EX: Omg, it's a habit. That's beside the point.

Me: maybe i just don't want to deal with your bullshit right now.

EX: And this is why I broke up with you. You always have something to argue about.

11:15 pm

Me: bye.

EX: No, wait! I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. 

Me: what do you want.

EX: I can't tell you over text. I feel like what I have to say to you is important face-to-face.

Me: well it's really late. so you're either going to have to tell me now or wait till tomorrow because i'm tired.

EX: Okay. I'll wait till tomorrow.

11:22 pm

Me: great. bye.

EX: Uh, okay. Bye.



Ex-drama!! The views on this story are growing and it makes me so happy!! Thanks for reading, guys! You're the best.❤️


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