Unknown Number

Unknown Number: yo jc come edit this video. I dont wanna

Me: um i'm sorry but you have the wrong number.

Unknown Number:...

Unknown Number: oh shit




Waiting for your phone to stop ringing so you can ask them what they wanted. ~unknown

Violetta's p.o.v.-

10:00 pm

Me: Hey you stopped by and wanted to talk. What's up?

KBear🐻: Oh so now you can talk to me?

Me: What do you mean?

10:03 pm

KBear🐻 : I tried talking to you earlier and you acted like you couldn't talk bc you were mad at me.

Me: Because I was.

KBear🐻 : Whatever. Girls are so complicated.

Me: We're complicated? Guys like to play with girls feelings like it's a joke.

KBear🐻: Well girls can't make up their minds whether they're mad at someone or if they're not. And who said I was playing with your feelings?

10:07 pm

Me: I didn't say that I was just making a point.

KBear🐻: Well your point is irrelevant to what we're really talking about.

Me: You know if you're just gonna be a dick about this then I'm just gonna leave you alone.

KBear🐻: Lol okay? Am I supposed to cry about that?

10:10 pm

Me: Wowww. When a girl doesn't come running to you, you act like a pussy. Cool.

KBear🐻: Idk what you expected to happen.

Me: First off you could stop acting like a jerk.

10:12 pm

KBear🐻: We're not dating.

10:15 pm

Me: Fuck you Kian!

Me: You're such an asshole and a major douche. Idk what I was thinking continuing talking to you. Maybe I'd thought you'd be different but your not. Go find someone else's number and bother them.

10:17 pm

Kian: Violetta.

10:19 pm

Kian: Violetta I'm sorry.

Kian: I was just upset.

10:22 pm

Kian: Please answer and I promise I'll be nicer.

10:24 pm

Kian: V!

10:27 pm


10:30 pm

Kian: Fine.

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