Unknown Number

Unknown Number: yo jc come edit this video. I dont wanna

Me: um i'm sorry but you have the wrong number.

Unknown Number:...

Unknown Number: oh shit




My texting speed increases A LOT when I'm mad. ~unknown

Violetta's p.o.v.-

10:45 pm

KBear🐻: Hey. wanna FT?

Me: Sure

KBear🐻 : Okay. 





I press the Accept and Kian's face pops on my screen, causing me to immediately smile. He's wearing a white hoodie, laying down. Gosh, he's so cute, I think. 

"Hola," I say, speaking first. He grins.


"What are you doing?" He yawns.

"Just chillin. I actually got done filming a video with Jc." Jc shouts in the background.

"Hey!" I hear him say in a weird voice*. Kian laughs and I grin.

"Hi, Jc. When are you guys going to upload it again? I forgot the schedule you told me." Out of nowhere, Jc jumps on Kian, causing Kian to yell.

"We upload on Mondays. It used to be every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but we were getting busy." I nod. I then see Jc getting off the bed. He must've done something funny behind the phone because Kian starts to laugh. I choose not to ask what it was.

"So, what do you wanna talk about?" I ask him. He shrugs.

"Whatever. I'm just bored."

"We can talk about your next video. What's it about?" He shakes his head.

"Can't tell you. You'll just have to find out on Monday." I roll my eyes and groan. He just grins. 

"That's boring. And Monday is a long time away." I whine. He laughs.

"You have four more days left!"

"So!" I hear mumbling in the background like someone is talking. I guess it wasn't good because Kian's facial expression changes quick and he looks serious. 

"Hey, I gotta go." Before I could reply, he ends the call. Okay. I guess there goes my evening talk with him. Not knowing what else to do, I decide to text Tony.

11:00 pm

Me: hey you awake?

T-Babie😍: Yeah. What do you want?

Me: RAWR. you've been grouchy. am i interrupting you sucking dick?

T-Babie😍 : You might be. Hurry up so I can finish 😂

Me: you nasty hoe haha. um so kian asked to facetime and we did for like five minutes and then he just hung up.

T-Babie😍: *cough* fuckboy *cough*

Me: He's not a fuckboy

T-Babie😍 : That's what they all say. And then they end up being one. Just please be careful with him. You barely know him.

Me: yeah yeah ik. i'll ttyl okay?

T-Babie😍 : Thank God. Now I can go back to business with my man.


T-Babie😍: hahaha love you bitchh!

Me: love you too!! 😘

After a few minutes of texting Tony, I get on Instagram and scroll through my feed. Then I get a text from... my ex?

EX: Hey

Me: WTF are you texting me for??



So that's it for chapter 8. I decided to go for the p.o.v. in real life, trying something new for this story. For the (*) in the story, where Jc says 'hey', for all the KAndJ fans that still watch their videos, you would know what I mean when it says, he says it in a weird voice. How they speak in that stupid little kid weird voice, but it's funny. That's what I mean. The photo above is the new cover for this story. It's actually really cute and I'm proud of myself. I hope you like it! Thanks for reading!


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