Unknown Number

Unknown Number: yo jc come edit this video. I dont wanna

Me: um i'm sorry but you have the wrong number.

Unknown Number:...

Unknown Number: oh shit



2. Cast

Kian Lawley as himself

Jc Caylen as himself

Bobby Mares as himself

Corey La Barrie as himself

Franny Arrieta as herself

Harrison Webb as himself

(JK this is really him LOL)

Becky G as Violetta Fernando 

Bretman Rock as Tony Vallens (the best friend of Violetta Fernando)

(and another one because Bretman slays 😍)

Sofia Boutella as Maria Fernando (the mother of Violetta Fernando)

Joe Manganiello as Steve Fernando (father of Violetta Fernando)

Meredith Mickelson as herself (Kian Lawley's ex-girlfriend, real life)

Shawn Mendes as Troy Trevano (the ex-boyfriend of Violetta Fernanda)


Here is the cast that will be in the story. They are to just let you know who's all in, and who's who. I'm sure there will be more and I'll add more as I get further into the story, but these are it for now.


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