New Royalty

Princess Gabriella Sebastian has been living with her father and 4year old brother in their big palace.Things have changed a lot since her mother died 3years ago
The king has a hard time with the princess and decides that he will hire a new bodyguard/personal servant for his daughter.

Gabriella however has to get married to someone sooner than expected to ne labeled queen.
What happens when her bodyguard falls for her?
Will she fall for him too?Or will she break his sweet heart?
But their love is forbidden!!!

***justinbieber story***


1. Introduction

Justin Bieber a 21 year old guy who lives with his mother , father and two siblings in the city. Justin is the most sweetest guy you can meet , his respectful ,his a gentleman and very talented young man. He hopes of finding love one day He has only had 2 past girlfriends and his still a virgin . he was asked by the king to protect and care for the princess which he accepts and makes the princess his only priority but the only reason his so much more protective towards her is because he might have strong feelings for the princess but he doesn't want to break any rules....his only her bodyguard nothing more , nothing less ,but his willing to risk it for love. Gabriella is only 19years old and has to get married soon. This us all her fathers oders and she's afraid of the outcome because this will be an arranged marriage. Gabriella has had 5 guys in her life but none have the potential of being king ... Gabriella soon meets her bodyguard and finds him oddly very attractive and can't help but get attached to him... They become closer than ever and Gabriella wants to have him as the new king but she can't disobey the rules or thats what she thinks...... Justins family are good friends with the royal family for many years now and have been talking a lot. Especially about the marriage of the princess and prince she will soon meet...
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