Beyond the Line

They say life and death are separated by a breath and a heart beat. How would they know if they've never tasted it? Where do you go after you take your last breath? Divided by a line, the 'dead' face their fears in the Cast-Away-Land before crossing the border to the afterlife they've been wanting. Darcy took her own life on the night of August 11th and woke up in a grassy field of an unknown land on August 12th. Next to her, a boy she's never met... She must walk, run maybe and face her fears, everywhere she goes rules are strictly set, break one, you get sucked under. As for the boy, he's just a player of this survival game too or is he when he has much more secrets under the skin...

" Take my hand, if you're scared. "

A novel where you have three choices, death, love or life, which one will you choose?


1. Lone Wolf

Kieran Shipka as  Darcy Nicholas Hamilton as  Cam Nicole Kidman as  Darcy's Mum Gary Oldman as  Darcy's Dad Anne Hathaway as  Ronnie Marisa Tomei as  Cam's Aunt Gage Munroe as  Rush ( Cam's Brother ) Mackenzie Foy as  Macy    Jessica Lowndes as  Sienna  












                                                                    Kieran Shipka ( Darcy aka you )


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HEY FAM! I am so happy that you are about to read my first book! Some of the content in this book might be too graphic or sensitive for you, so if you're not ok with suicide and self-harm or things like that, I suggest you stop reading as of now! If you are still reading, thank you! Just  some stuff:

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∆ Self-promotion is OK! But don't spam every chapter of this books or the books in the future.

∆ If you have any problems with this book, you are welcome to tell me but please do it politely or message me personally.

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∆ And finally, love yourself and enjoy this book!


Carrying my bag with one shoulder, I stride down the hallway of Stenford High, letting my wavy dirty blonde hair hang loose, the strands fall covering my eyes, the groups drove themselves to parts of the hall as words escape their mouths. Nerds, jocks, mean girls, peacemakers and a whole lot of other groups. Fortunately, I don't belong to any of them, just a lone wolf, separated from all the packs. I'm my Alpha or Beta or Delta or whatever rank there is in a wolf pack, I'm on my own. 

" Darcy!"

 A voice called out to me, sounded as though whoever this person is was out of breath, really out of breath, I stopped walking and folded my arms, pulling my hoodie sleeves down to cover it. Without turning my head, I heard footsteps approaching me, slowly at an even pace. Strange how I have this thing where I can tell how a person's feeling by the way their footsteps sounds, the heaviness they set it on the ground and the pace they're walking in. It seems as though this person is pretty calm but tired.

It felt as I stood there, arm folded, hair covering my eyes, sleeves pulled down, my feet frozen in place for an hour, breathing out a silent breath of relief as a too familiar figure stood face to face with me. My eyes met her smile that seems never to meet her saddened, wrinkled eyes, her hands reached for my cheeks, bony and warm, caressing me. I gave in and closed my eyes, and appreciate the gesture quietly. She pulled me into a gentle hug and whispered, 

"You just forgot your lunch hon," 

I smiled a small smile that you can't feel. 

" Thanks, mum." I murmured, taking the brown paper bag from her before watching her leave. I held a good grip on the bag before turning around and continue my lonesome walk. The day went by without complications, classes were boring, as usual, the teachers spoke with as though the word excitement doesn't exist in their world, and me, I'm just like an invisible person among the crowd. Soon, I'd be sitting in the same old grey felt armchair in Ronnie's room.


Standing in front of the translucent door, I dug my finger nails into my backpack before taking a deep breath. It's not that I haven't been here before, mum put me into Deeper Than Skin a few weeks ago, basically a counselor, I'm still not used to it, I don't think I ever will.  Pushing the door with my free arm, the smell of Jasmine and Vanilla mixed filled my lungs, the only thing that I have gotten used to, it relaxes me, tending my tensed muscles.

" Ah, Darcy, take a sit sweet, Ronnie will be here in a minute" Michelle, sitting with her eyes stuck on the computer screen said just above a whisper. Setting my butt onto the chair, with my bag on the side, I fiddled my thumbs for less than a minute or so before the soft tone of Ronnie rang my ears, 

" Darcy, come darl," I nodded and stood up, nearly forgetting my bag. I reached down and grabbed it, " Leave it here, you can get it after you finish." Michelle reached her arm out, and I handed it to her, careful not to drop it and embarrass myself. " Thanks," 

" Make yourself feel comfortable honey, tea?" Ronnie said, turning her head gracefully. " Water will do, thanks," I didn't want to bother her with making anything complicated, plus, tea isn't my go to. " Sure, warm, cold?" I scratched my neck before answering.

" Cold would be nice in this weather," I said, unknowingly pulling up my sleeves. She looked at my arms for less than a second and nodded before disappearing behind the newly polished wooden door. I sucked in air as my eyes once again discover the room, I see twice a week. Her name plate on the desk, "Veronica Terren" it read, she said she finds it annoying when people call her by her real name, she preferred Ronnie and wished to be named that way, so I had no other choice but to call her Ronnie. 

She entered the room with so little noise; I jumped a little when she spoke up, I averted my eyes back to her sitting on the chair. I cupped the cup in front of me and took a generous sip, after setting it down, I look her in the eyes as her smile warmed a spot of my heart. " So, how are you this week?" She asked the regularly asked question, " I guess I'm ok, not too bad," I tucked a loose strand behind my ear and managed a response. She smiled her smile again, at first I found it weird that she smiles so much but then I grew with it and realised it's a reassuring feeling. 

I smiled back. She eyed my arms, the scars weren't obvious, but if you look closely, you can see the faint lines, from where she's sitting, she can see them just fine. I looked at them and traced my index over them, I started two years ago, and to my charms, I'm a week clean, " Have you been...?" She didn't want to say the word, thinking it was too sensitive to bring up, though we talk about this once in a while.

" Surprisingly, no. I'm a week clean, yeah..." I said, ending the statement awkwardly. " You should be proud Darcy," I nodded and pulled my lips into a straight line. Leaning back and letting myself relax against the chair, " How's school?" I shrugged and said the thing almost every teenager said, " Gates to hell?" She chuckled " Not a surprising answer at all for a 16 years old. Though your mother told me you've never failed a class," 

I realised that and nodded " Weird." She chuckled again, " What is it?" " It's not weird darling. You find it boring, but that shows you pay attention in class, so it's only fair." I smirked and took another sip of my water, which was now room temperature.

" Any outside school activities? Parties, sleepover, shopping?" I laughed at the thought of me walking around the mall with ten bags of clothes on each arm, " No, not that type of girl. Not really into group hang outs. Sometimes I hang with my cousins, but the max is probably just Netflix and chill." Suddenly the clock behind her chimes 7 o'clock. Times just seems to fly when I'm in this room. 

" Wow, that was hella fast! " I exclaimed, not too loud. " It flies doesn't it, here, take this." She handed me a cupcake, " Oh, no, it's ok, the water was more than enough." I felt guilty for wanting to take the cupcake but denied it, didn't want to be rude.

" It's ok, I got it from a co-worker, but I don't have much of a sweet-tooth, so you take it." She most literally shoved it in my hands, I couldn't do anything but thank her and receive it gratefully. " See you Thursday?" I nodded and walked out, " Oh and tell your mum  I said thank the pavlova was delicious! " I nodded awkwardly, feeling puzzled on what she meant, " She'll understand what I mean," " Right." I waved at her before walking out, " Bag, love!" Michelle called out to me, I turned and realised I once again, almost forgot my bag. I smiled and grabbed it before saying thanks to her.


Mum's car was right outside as I turn around, she bobbed down and gestured for me to hurry in the car. " How was it?" " Normal," I replied with a short answer. She started driving, and it starts to pour, " The weather looked too good to be true today, guess I was right." She suddenly said, I just rested my cheek on my hand and stared out the window as the rain falls, they danced on the roof of the car as " Safe and Sound" Played on the radio. The song finished as the weather forecast came on and mum turned the volume higher, 'A 75% chance of heavy rain for the whole day tomorrow,'

 " Shit." I said louder than I should, " What is it, Dar?" Mum looked concerned, it took me by surprise that she didn't even care that I swore, " Thought you were gonna scold me for swearing," I let out a light laugh.

" You're 16; it's not like we just discovered the light bulb, everybody says it these days. Shit. Shit. Shit." She said quirkily, " Right, yeah, I think I get the point!" We both laughed for a moment; I cherished it. " Anyways, why did you look so irritated?". "Oh, we have track practice tomorrow! I do not want to run under the rain, but state competition is coming up in a week, I've been practicing so much, I can't let out now! Coach doesn't want us to rest; she expects us to practice as much as we can, I don't want to get kicked off the team now do I?" I gasped for air by the time I let it all out.

" Honey, take a chill pill, you've broken your arm before, running under the rain is nothing!" She does the compare and contrast thing that annoys me at times like this; it also annoys me that she is right and that I am just overreacting. Running in the rain, how great, I sarcastically said in my head, soon, the thought escaped when the car stopped moving and the sound of the keys hitting together.

Dragging myself to the front door, handing clutching my bag. I entered to find a strong smell of alcohol and smoke in the house,

" Urghh" I pinched my nose with my thumb and flew my hand over my face, waving away nothing or at least trying to clear the poorly scented air in front of me. " You bitches are finally home!" An angered sounding drunk voice whistles through the air; mum shot me a look that said ' you, upstairs now." No need for words, I dashed up stairs and locked the door, my heart beating rapidly, blocking out anything else, a single tear slid down my cheek, I wiped it away and went into the bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror. I tied my hair up into a messy bun and turned on the shower, letting the hot steam fill the room as my phone rang.


Picking it up, it was Macy. The only friend I have who lives about 2 hours North away from me. Pressing the green button, I brought it closer to my ear, " Hey," she said, it wasn't a sad 'hey' even though her voice sounded small and quiet, " Is something wrong?" I felt concern for no particular reasons, " Oh no, just got back from running, a little tired but nothing to bother over." She replied, I felt like on the other end, she was smiling through the sweat, " Another one? You've been running for two weeks now, consecutively. You're not on a track team so why... yeah, why?" 

" Felt motivated I guess. It's boring here in Norman; I can't just spend my whole life stuck with my eyes on the screen!" She sounded sarcastic, very sarcastic. " You'd love spending your entire life with your eyes stuck to the screen if the battery never runs out! " She giggled on the other, and I did the same. Suddenly, screaming erupted, " What's wrong?" She sounded alert, " It's nothing, it's ok." I lied, on the edge of breaking, I sucked air between my gritted teeth, trying to control my stupid emotion, more screaming come on. Then glass shattering, my eyes widen as my hand moved to my mouth, covering it, not wanting to let out any sobs, " You call that nothing? Darcy, what is it? What's ha-" I hit 'end call' when my hair was yank from behind me. 

The room was steamy, but I was still in my clothes, I yelp in agony, wanting to pull away but silly me, the more I tried to pull away, the more the pain increased. I'm no longer an Alpha or Beta or Delta anymore but a vulnerable and weak creature, not wanting to endure the pain once again. His red eyes stared deep into mine, hand raised, he slapped me, the pain caused me confusing, not tears yet but I was confused, what did I ever do? 

" You brat, ungrateful daughter, you're not even my daughter anymore. You slut, bitch, worthless piece of crap! You should have died in that first suicide attempt of yours!" Insults came running out of his mouth; the last one triggered a string and tears fell uncontrollably down my cheek, my chest burnt itself and my eyes were covered by glass as my vision became blurrier by time. He threw me to the ground and left; mum came running in, with tears in her eyes, she took me into her arms and let out heart-stabbing sobs. 

" Ignore him, sweety, honey, ignore him. He's just drunk; I'm here, shh, shh, it's ok, baby, hush now." I registered to the fact of what just happened. Mum left, and dad was somewhere I don't know. I sat on the bed, not under the cover, just in bed, knees folded, my hair was a mess, and my eyes were still drying from crying, I would have felt scared if this is the first time this has ever happened, no. This has happened before.

I lost my count at 100; I'm not scared anymore, I'm just tired, worn-out. What mum said was not true, it's not because he's drunk, he hates me when she's not home, he shouts, scream, insults and hit me, he takes all his anger out on me. Why? I was that 16 years old mistake, mum fell pregnant in her teenage years and dad wanted to abort me, but she didn't believe in that, she wanted to keep me no matter the price she has to pay. He loves her so much; he took months to accept it, now, he loved her, once I was born, he wasn't there by the bed side, he was gone somewhere and didn't turn up again until I was 7. He saw me, looked me in the eye with hatred, mum convinced him to live with us, since then, every day, he would get drunk, he got extremely violent to the sight of me, he hates me. 

I took out a pen and paper and just let my mind let it do its thing. Before I realised it, I wrote a suicide note; tears fell down the paper as I went to get a blade. I look at the cold metal piece before carving a word into my skin; I let my hand create its work and found I wrote the word 'HATED' onto my skin. I watched as the blood from the razor fall to the paper, I felt tired, I felt worthless and, I felt hated. I went to my bathroom and got out the bottle, standing on the edge of my window, I open the glass and look down, a three story building this is. You should have died on that first suicide attempt of yours! His words replayed in my head, I unscrewed the lid and took two huge gulps " Are you satisfied now?" I whispered ever so lightly, but my voice was camouflaged by the wind, before feeling the air blew in my face, I step one foot out then another... I'm falling.

A fast replay of my life played in my head before blackness takes me away, this is has to be... I'm finally asleep; it's over now I thought, I won't suffer anymore, no more insults, no more screams, no more slaps, no more abuse, no more shouts, no more Alpha, no more Beta, no more Delta... no more me.


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