Zone Girl in the Apocalyptic World Book One

New York, 2010. Stella Kincaid is a fourteen year old girl whose parents are dead due to the plague. When World War III happens, she is forced to wear battle armour to fight the United States Government whose corrupt behaviour threatens all of humanity.


8. The Shelter


​The Shelter was old. 

​Cara had trouble turning the lights on. 

"​Here", I told her. 

I flicked the light on, then waited. Suddenly, as the lights illuminated the spacious room, we saw three dead rogues; we saw their dead, blue eyes, as the fear of World War III had ended for them. We searched the area: to the left were bunks; to the middle was a brown table, and chairs; to the right were scattered pieces of newspapers. Some were from decades old; some were newer. 

​Monday, April 3, 1946


​Written by Randall Lowe, New York Times


In ​New York today, Doctor Harry Lang, Jr., thirty-five, has told everyone that the Apocalypse is here...and threatens humanity on a grand scale. He was quoted as saying: '​Life is precious. If World War III happens by the nineteen fifties...we should be prepared for death...'". I stared at the newspaper. Then I watched the smells of black smoke coming from the factories outside; the smells were causing us to cough. "We have to go now", I told Cara. 

"Yes, Mom", she said. 


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