Zone Girl in the Apocalyptic World Book One

New York, 2010. Stella Kincaid is a fourteen year old girl whose parents are dead due to the plague. When World War III happens, she is forced to wear battle armour to fight the United States Government whose corrupt behaviour threatens all of humanity.


6. The next day


​We were glad when the heavy, cold, rain had disappeared. 

Cara shook her head. "Mom, where can we go to once the money runs out?", she asked me. 

"We'll find a place sweetie; we'll find ​anyplace​ to survive in the bitter world", I answered her. She gripped my left hand; she let me go towards the front door. "Let's go!", Rich said. Trish and James followed him. "Okay, but we need to be wary of the rogues", I said. 


​The idea of waiting for the apocalypse started to drain my resources. ​Cara seemed to take the news better than I was; I was thinking of preying to God, (or Jesus Christ); I was Catholic, but I wasn't too religious. In my state of mind, the eternal gloom was due to the rogues were the worse kind of people in New York. The desire to survive was something that caused me to move onward to a future that was proving to be broken. I saw broken down cars on the dusty road; I saw death and disaster everywhere. "The apocalypse came in 2009 when the President enforced law and order from 2008; the financial bump in the road meant that the world is dead", I said to everyone. They nodded...and then we saw six rogues armed with rifles in their black, gloved, hands. One of them saw me. I aimed my rifle at one of their feet. And fired. The rogue jumped in the air like a Mexican jumping bean. "​Stay away; stay...or else I'll shoot you​", I threatened. "Stella Kincaid", the second rogue said, grinning. I kicked the first rogue in the balls with my right boot; I saw him wince in severe pain. "Ouch!". Cara stayed near Trish, Rich, and James. They weren't ready for a fight; they weren't prepared for anything. "Mom!", Cara said. I smiled at her; I waited. Then the rogues fled towards the middle of the city...leaving me to win one battle that didn't cost me my life.


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