Zone Girl in the Apocalyptic World Book One

New York, 2010. Stella Kincaid is a fourteen year old girl whose parents are dead due to the plague. When World War III happens, she is forced to wear battle armour to fight the United States Government whose corrupt behaviour threatens all of humanity.


5. The Herder's Inn


The Herder's Inn was a welcoming place. 

"Mom, I'm hungry", Cara said.

"We'll have breakfast sweetie", I said. I kissed her gently on her left cheek; I let her hug me. Rich, Trish, and James, had slept in red, tattered, warm blankets; I slept in the same blankets; Cara did the same near me for comfort. If anything had happened, we had our rifles to attack the dangerous rogues that was led by Carter Devries...and his gang.


Suddenly we saw other people getting up. A boy, who was about six, grabbed his teddy bear in his right hand. "​Mommy! Daddy!​". A tall man in his thirties grabbed his son with his strong left hand; a tall woman in her mid-twenties hugged him as well. "It's alright, Alan". Alan, who wore a grey T-shirt, smiled at Cara. "I'm scared", he said; Cara nodded. "This is my new mom; my real mom died". Alan's mother, who was listening, said: "You're very young to be her mom". 

"I'm Stella Kincaid; I'm fourteen. My parents were sick because of the plague. Everyone needs to wear their gas masks, and wear protective clothes...and boots on their feet. I'm Cara's mom". I didn't need anyone to think otherwise; I was thinking that, as I was older, like I turned eighteen in four years' time in 2014, I would be eighteen. In short, Cara would be eleven or so by then. We had had an understanding then. In New York, there was a lot of teenage mothers who were too young to take care of their baby sons or daughters; they're boyfriends were too young to know better. I had parents who believed in God, the American flag, and freedom; America was thriving. It was a state of the mind; it was a welcoming state. Cara stared at the teddy bear. "Can I have one, mom?", she asked me. "Yes, Cara. Maybe there's a toy store somewhere", I answered her. "We have to go to ​Bill's Toy Shop​. We need some money", James said. "Here's one hundred dollars", the woman said. I gazed at her. "You don't have to....", I said. "You're young; you have a lot to learn about being a mother. You haven't given birth in a hospital; you have to look after Cara until she's an adult when she's twenty-one. I'm Delia. This is my husband, Tom". The man smiled. "Times are tough since the 2008 crash. There's total panic in the dirty streets of New York; there's mass panic across America as everyone loses money...and their homes. And the plague was the final straw; the final insult to our growing misery. I am a police man you know. Now we're dealing with the rogues". James shivered. "The rogues were here in 2009 to make America better. Sadly, they're thugs; political thugs. Let's get Cara her teddy bear...and we can get back here quickly".


​Bill's Toy Shop was open. ​It was two hundred meters away. I saw the door was open. I ignored the sinking feeling in my bones; I ignored feeling of dread, as we saw several homeless people eating food from grey trash bins; we saw Bill Sheppard, the fifty year old owner, was being arrested by rogues. "I didn't do ​anything​". We waited until the rogues took him away for questioning in Upper Manhattan. I entered the store. I took out twenty dollars to pay for the teddy bear; I had eighty dollars left for food and drinks to survive. "Here's your teddy bear sweetie", I said. Cara nodded. "I'll call him Thomas". And I smiled. We left the store. Then we headed to ​Frank's Groceries ​store. After spending fifty dollars for food, I had thirty dollars left. We rushed towards the Inn. We dried ourselves, then headed through the front door. And reached the warm Dining Room to eat our lunch.



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