Werewolf Lodge 3 A novel

After Roa turns back to being an elf from a werewolf, she heads back to the lodge, where she feels home. But when the Red Magician threatens her life, she decides to fight back before it's too late.

The third Werewolf Lodge book that completes the trilogy.


3. Willow-Epilogue


W​hen the early morning sun illuminated Werewolf Lodge, the darkness was gone. Roa shivered. She wore the black gown that Sylvie had given her. Then, as she ate her stew in the Feasting Halls, Willow grabbed her crossbow. She gazed out of the window, as several elves were speaking in their native tongues. She was about to eat her meal when she heard the sound of heavy footsteps outside. 


The Red Magician entered Werewolf Lodge. In his right, black gloved hand was a piece of parchment. "I declare that Roa is free to roam at will". Roa smiled at the magician. "I see that you've seen sense, magician". She saw Sylvie, and Willow smiling; she knew that she had escaped the deep dungeons...for now. After the magician had read out the parchment, he stormed out of Werewolf Lodge...and glided down the stone path towards the black carriage. Roa didn't smile. She stared at the boy. "Are you hungry, Ry?", she asked him. "Yes, Willow. I did attempt to steal gold from the dark goblins by the fireplace near the dim woods", he answered her. Roa heard the conversation. "Goblins are nasty creatures, Ry. They'll have your arrested in the Goblin Courts for crimes against them". Ry shivered. "​I need gold; I need to pay for mother to be well because she has the fever​", he answered. He shook his head. Roa walked towards the dim halls. On the musty walls were framed pictures of Lord Harry Gemstone, III, and Lady Ariana Gemstone, and their four children: Arthur Gemstone; Lynne Gemstone; Jack Gemstone; and Ellen Gemstone, the youngest daughter of the family. All of them were the first family of Werewolf Lodge back in eighteen-fifteen. 

"Roa", Willow said.

"Yes, Willow". 

"I'm glad that you're safe".

And Roa grinned...and knew that she was part of Werewolf Lodge's rich history. She walked to the fireplace...and slept on the seat, and dreamed of a better future without thinking of the werewolves' curse.



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