Werewolf Lodge 3 A novel

After Roa turns back to being an elf from a werewolf, she heads back to the lodge, where she feels home. But when the Red Magician threatens her life, she decides to fight back before it's too late.

The third Werewolf Lodge book that completes the trilogy.


1. Roa


R​oa changed back to her elf-self. The idea of fleeing the Red Magician was preying on her mind; the full moon had gone away, as dawn arrived. She saw her tattered gown, and frowned. ​I want to live; I want to survive; I want to...​, she didn't know what she wanted to do; she didn't cry. Roa looked at the grey stones. Up ahead was several black carriages. She opened the front door...and went inside Werewolf Lodge. By one o'clock in the early morning, the weather was freezing; by two o'clock, Roa headed down the red carpet. "Roa, are you alright, Miss. I was concerned about you", Sylvie asked. "I changed. I need a new gown before I go to sleep", Roa answered. And Sylvie nodded. She gripped onto a black gown with her small, right hand. And gave it to Roa.


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