Werewolf Lodge 3 A novel

After Roa turns back to being an elf from a werewolf, she heads back to the lodge, where she feels home. But when the Red Magician threatens her life, she decides to fight back before it's too late.

The third Werewolf Lodge book that completes the trilogy.


2. Lady Montague


Lady Montague was with Lord Greystone. The next morning she saw Sylvie. "Where's Roa?", she asked her. "She's asleep, my Lady; she changed into a werewolf...". Lord Greystone gasped. "Roa is dangerous". Willow, who was sleeping on a seat by the fireplace, opened her eyes. "Sylvie is attending to her". Willow grabbed her crossbow in her right hand. Suddenly Roa opened her chamber door. She opened the door, then saw everyone was talking about her. "I'm alive. That is all that matters". And, as she sighed, she glided towards the fireplace...and warmed her hands.


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