Young Love

A Young High School Boy Has A Crush On Another Boy In His Homeroom Class. Soon After He Finds Out He Likes Him To.


1. Chapter1

Aiden's Point Of View:

He Walked In The Room ! He Was Wearing His MCR Band Shirt And Black Skinny Jeans. He Looked Perfect Just Standing There! I Could Stare At Him All Day. (Teacher) And Uh Aiden You Are Partners With Gage. I Quickly Snapped Out Of It ! Oh Yeah K. So I Didn't Really Know Who Gage Was But. (Skip To Lunch) The Guy I Suddenly Thought Was Perfect Was WalkingToward Me! I Started To Freak Out. He Walked Over And Said Hi!Are You Aiden? I Said Oh Um Yeah. He said Oh Well My Name Is Gage.

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