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Magcon Fanfiction read!!


2. One

*Kaitlynn's and Matt's house^^*



   I am putting on my Kylie Jenner lip matte on when I hear a knock on the door. "Yes?" I question and Matt walks in and sits on my footstool.

"What do you want?" I ask when I look towards Matt seeing him grinning.

"You know that group I used to be in? Magcon?" He asks me while playing on his phone.

"Yeah? What about it?"

"Cameron just called and he wants you to be in the new version of Magcon."

I smile because I always wanted to be in it when I was younger but couldn't cause our parents wouldn't let us.

"I'll take that as a yes?" Matt smirks already knowing the answer so why ask.

I nod and start on my hair. Matt gets up and I'm guessing to call Cameron to let him know. 

I finish my hair and text Brea to watch my live video on YouNow. I go live and watch my views go up I wait till there is at least 2 million watching me. 

Me: Hey guys I have AMAZING news

Most of my fans are asking what is it?

Me: You guys get to come meet me. I'm going to be in this group called Magcon!!!

My fans get excited in the comments they are asking where I am going.

Me: I don't know where I am going. I don't even know who is in the New Magcon. I only know that Cameron Dallas is running it with Bart. 


I am so excited I just got off the phone with Cameron Dallas telling me I could be apart of the new Magcon. I go on YouNow to go live but I notice someone live saying something about Magcon. I click on her name. 

Shes really cute. Who is she? 

Her: I am joining Magcon. I can't wait to give you the details!!!

I type on the comments: Hey! I'm going to be in Magcon also!!

Her: hi mark. really? Get in the guess cube.

I type okay and enter the guess cube.

Me: Hi I'm Mark 

Her: Hey I am Kaitlynn. so when did you find out you were in Magcon?

Me: today. cameron just called me. I'm excited I always looked up to Cameron Dallas when I was younger. 

Her: Yeah I grew up around them due to me being Matts younger sister. Matt just told me I am going to be in it. 

I read some of the comments our fans were typing. 

FrankieThomasbae: You guys should like to date

Kaitlynnisqueen: they would be so cute together

Markthomasismine: I would share tbh

I blush and look back at Kaitlynn. This tour is going to be interesting...



* First chapter what you think?* 

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