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Magcon Fanfiction read!!


1. Main characters

Name: Kaitlynn Espinosa


sibling: Matt Espinosa 

Likes: musically, Little Mix, Ariana grande, boys!! Taking selfies and filming videos. Best friend is Brea lewis

Famous for: Being Matt's sister, muser on musically and YouTube

Hates: drama, Taylor swift, and Amanda Dallas

name: Amanda Dallas

age: 18

sibling: Cameron Dallas

Likes: drama, Justin bieber, YouTube and Instagram best friends with Jordyn Callon

famous for: Instagram and being camerons sister

hates: Kaitlynn Espinosa and annoying people

Name: Hunter Rowland

age: 16

siblings: Brandon and ashton Rowland

likes: food, musically, youtube,everything

famous for: musically, instagram, YouNow

hates: DRAMA

name: Taylor caniff

age: 20

likes: music, youtube, food, money, GIRLS!!, CARS!!

famous for: youtube, Magcon

hates: drama


name: Cameron Dallas


siblings:Amanda Dallas

likes: Girls, food, Starbucks, musically, youtube, modeling

famous for: vine, musically, instagram, youtube

hate: people who are rude, bullies, assholes, drama

name: Mark thomas

age: 17

likes: girls, food, starbucks, modeling, musically, instagram, younow

famous for: Younow, Youtube, musically

hates: haters, bullies, makeup


name: Brea Lewis

age: 19

likes: being kaitlynn's bff, Twitter, Instagram, smoking weed, music, best friends with Adrian hunter

crush: Adrian lewis and aaron carpenter 

famous for: instagram

Hates: amanda dallas, drama, and "k"

name: Jordyn Callon


likes: best friend Amanda Dallas, has a crush on cameron, instagram, makeup

famous for: instagram

hates: people in general, picky with food

name: Adrian hunter



crush: HUGE crush on Brea Lewis

Likes: making Youtube Videos, Brea lewis best friend, being with Brea Lewis and staying up late, being a bad boy

Famous for: Youtube

Hates: Drama, Nerds, and boys close to Brea Lewis



name: Angy rios 

age: 19

sibling: Manu Rios

crush:Nash Grier

likes: makeup, food, nash grier, friends with Taylor Caniff, Dancing, making vines and youtube videos

famous for: instagram and youtube

hates: people who are fake, off brand makeup, drama



name: manu rios

siblings: Angy

age: 21

likes: food: Instagram, YouTube, and books

hates: annoying people, picky with food, drama

famous for: Instagram


name: Nash grier

siblings: hayes, skylynn, will


likes: food, vine, youtube, trying new things

hates:drama, picky with food, drama

famous for: vine, Magcon, youtube


name: Kara Miller

sibling: Adam Miller

age: 18

likes: Youtube, dad jokes, getting people together ;3 & shopping.

hates: DRAMAH, cliché white girls, rude asses & haters

famous for: Vine, youtube




Name: Adam miller


sibling: Kara Miller

likes: Instagram, food, music

hates: annoying people, drama, the letter "k" sent in text msg

famous for: Modeling on Instagram and being a YouNower



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