Dollhouses & War

The first attempt at proper poetry and the next and the next.
"Not a tea stain, but a rain stain,"
"Does my heart tangle like headphones in a pocket?"
"...mascara tears registers exhilaration under rapid music beats. "
"Love is the only blood we will bleed as / Together we fall into a rainstorm."


6. The Toddler named Time




Time is a toddler.

When it’s excited it races,

Using its small feet for wheels as it nearly collides

With the edges and curves of the clock.

It avoids speeding tickets like a pro

With its turbo engine and screeching purr.


When it’s not excited it turns from race car to stubborn snail.

It’s a petulant toddler dragging weighted feet across a carpet.

“No I don’t wanna go to bed, not tired!”

With drooping eyes and cast iron will

Nothing will budge it from its crossed arms

And lippy frown.


There’s no in between

And the terrible twos are every Monday.

You better buckle up for the ride. 


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