Dollhouses & War

The first attempt at proper poetry and the next and the next.
"Not a tea stain, but a rain stain,"
"Does my heart tangle like headphones in a pocket?"
"...mascara tears registers exhilaration under rapid music beats. "
"Love is the only blood we will bleed as / Together we fall into a rainstorm."


23. I Beg my Bones


For once I beg my bones 

not to bow down 

and crumble 

into rubble made out of 

ash and low spirits. 


Instead they must walk

into crowds 

and conversations

and cries. 


These bones are stronger than they think.

They deserve a crown for what

they have walked me through.


They have been to war,

and came out with a scarred smile 

and ruthless hope. 


They have been to hell

and came out with

the devils horns

in tow. 


They can therefore survive,

and adapt

and evolve

with the wolves.


They can do this,

just step outside and try,

just step...


But no.

The crown falls

mercy to the peck of a crow

named anxiety 

and my bones refuse

to be begged outside

of comfort walls. 


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