The Walking Dead Wolf

Summary: Claire Jones was a test subject at the CDC. She was there since birth and years past by, she wanted out. But the doctors/scientists said 'No' because she was their prized accomplishment.

Throughout the years she was injected with wolf's blood in her veins and she could turn into a wolf. In her human form she has wolf's tail, ears and wolf's claws.

But she escaped when the dead started to raise. And soon meets a certain redneck.


3. Secrets

Here it is finally, the next chapter. Disclaimer: I don't own The Walking Dead, except for my character. ~ It's been couple of days since Andrea shot Daryl and now we moved him to his tent. Now I was curled up next to him. I smelt the air of someone coming closer. "Hey." I looked up to see Andrea, and I growled at her. I felt my left ear being tugged and I yelp. "Blue shut up." I glared back at Daryl. "Ahh, I want to give this and it's not all that great, but..." Andrea hand him a book, and it reads 'The Case of the Missing Man'. "What, no pictures?" He ask. "I'm so sorry. I feel like shit." "Yeah, you and me both." Daryl said as he adjusted his pillow. "I don't expect you or Blue-Eyes to forgive me, but if there's anything I can do..." "You were trying to protect the group. We're good. And don't worry about Blue, she'll listen to me." Daryl said to her. Andrea smiled at us and left. "But hey," Daryl call out to Andrea, "shoot me again, and you'd best pray I'm dead." With that she left. I looked back at Daryl. "What?" He asks and looking back at me. And I decided to go and take a look around. ~ I wondered towards the barn and something smelt off. I walked close, I started hearing moans and I was just at the barn door, the door moved and the moans and growls grew louder. And now I know what's in the barn... They have walkers in the barn. ~ I ran back to camp and I saw some of the cars leaving to do some gun training. I started barking towards Dale and Glenn. "Hey Blue-Eyes what's wrong?" Dale asks and trying to calm me down. "Hey Dale, can I ask you something?" "Yeah sure." Dale said. "So, what if somebody told you something that somebody else should know..." "Glenn, stop being dramatic. Spit it out." Dale cut him off. "There's Walkers in the barn and Lori's pregnant." Glenn said quickly. I looked at Glenn and started thinking how the hell does he know about the barn. Then I look back Dale and he had a worried look on his face. "Alright lets not get ahead of ourselves and not do anything we'll regret later." "Okay sure Dale." Glenn answered. "Right, I'm going to go and find Hershel and talk to him." Glenn nodded to him and Dale left us with a scared look on our faces. ~ Soon everyone returned from gun training, except for Shane and Andrea. I was sitting next to Glenn while he was talking to T-Dog and Carl. "How did gun training went?" Glenn ask. "It went great." Carl said. "Blue-Eyes wanna go play?" I barked replying 'yes'. He smiled and we ran off. ~ Later on in the day, Andrea and Shane came back. "Anything?" Carol asks. Shane sighed and said 'Not today.' "I'm so sorry." Andrea apologised, "We'll cover more ground tomorrow." "What happened out there?" Dale ask her. "Umm, I..." "The place was overrun." Shane told us. "Yeah." She agreed with him. I raised an eyebrow at both of them. "Let's go get you cleaned up." Carol said to Andrea as she lead her away from us. "Shane, Shane." Dale trying to get his attention as walked away from us. "Hmm?" "I was thinking, you've got that nice new ride of yours, plenty of fuel, more than enough for you get far from here." Dale told him. "What, you telling me to leave?" Shane asks as he felt a little threatened by Dale. "I know you've been planning to. Maybe now is a good time." Shane scoffed. "Is this about Andrea?" "I'm looking out for the group." Dale said. I started feel the tension between them, but I never liked Shane to begin with anyway. "You think the group would be better off without me, Dale?" He asks. "Why don't you tell that to Rick or Lori? Their boy would be dead if I hadn't put my ass on the line." "And Otis'?" Shane gave us one more look before walking off again. "You've been vague about that night, about what happened." Dale tried to get his attention again. "Otis died a hero." "So you've said." I started not believing what Shane is saying. "A little boy lived because of what went down that night." I started growing at him. "Stupid mutt." And I barked at him and saying 'liar'. "Blue-Eyes, it's okay." Dale said to me. "I wasn't there." "No, man, you weren't." Shane said coldly. "But I was the time that you raised your gun on Rick." 'What?!' I thought. "You had him in your sights and you held him there. I know what kind of man you are." I saw an evil look in Shane's eyes. "You think I'd shoot Rick?" He ask. "That is my best friend. That's the man that I love. I love him like his my brother. You think that's the kind of man I am?" "That's right." Dale answered him. "Well, maybe we ought to just think that through. Say I'm the kind of man who'd gun down his own best friend. What do you think I'd do to some guy or dumb mutt that I don't even like when they starts throwing accusations my way? What do think?" Shane asked us. I started to growl and bark again. Then Shane scoffs at us and walked away. "Blue-Eyes." I looked up at Dale. "Go back to Daryl and stay until tomorrow." I nodded and ran back to Daryl's tent. ~~~~~~ I hoped you enjoyed this. And I'll update whenever I can. This is ThatOneHunter signing out.
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