The Walking Dead Wolf

Summary: Claire Jones was a test subject at the CDC. She was there since birth and years past by, she wanted out. But the doctors/scientists said 'No' because she was their prized accomplishment.

Throughout the years she was injected with wolf's blood in her veins and she could turn into a wolf. In her human form she has wolf's tail, ears and wolf's claws.

But she escaped when the dead started to raise. And soon meets a certain redneck.


1. Meeting

Disclaimer: I don't own The Walking Dead, only my character.

~The Woods~

I came across a run down farm house, I sniff the air and I smelled something human.

I transformed into my grey and white wolf form. And took a look.

"Sophia!" I heard yelling and I turned a corner of the house, I saw a man kneeling in from of some flowers and I think their Cherokee Roses.

He picked one and put it around his belt.

I slowly walked up to him and he stood up with his crossbow pointed at me.

I growled at him only because I felt threatened.

"What's a little wolf like ya doing around here in Georgia?" He asking me a question, but I said nothing being in my wolf form. I started to roll over and being cute.

I felt him rubbing under my chin and the side of my face, it felt so good.

I saw him leaving and I followed.

"Hey stay!" He yelled at me and I started to whimpering.

He sighed.

"Alright fine c'mon." He said and started walking again.

~Hershel's Farm~

The crossbow wielder stopped at a tree line.

"Ya stay here alright, until I whistle got it wolfy?" I sat on the ground and he left.


I heard the whistle and I bolted for it.

I stopped at the crossbow wielder's side.

"Where did you find the wolf, Daryl?"

'So his name is Daryl.' I thought.

"No, it found me when I was looking for Sophia." He answered the man in a white t-shirt.

"We'll have Hershel take a look at the wolf."

"Yeah sure Rick. C'mon Wolfy let's go." Daryl said and started walking towards the farm house, I followed him.


I've never felt so embarrassed in my entire life when Hershel was checking if I was female or male, I did growl out of annoyance. But other than that he was checking if I was in good health.

"Your wolf is in good health and the wolf is female." Hershel told Daryl.

"Alright." Was all he said and walked outside.

"C'mon Blue-Eyes." I heard him calling me and I liked that nickname he gave me.

And I jumped off the table to follow Daryl outside.


"Ya sleep outside of the tent alright." Daryl told me, but when he opened his tent I just rushed straight in.

"No, out now!" He yelled at me, but I just laid there in his tent.

We both looked at each other and I think he saw something in my eyes.

"Fine, ya can stay Blue." He said sighing. And I wagged my tail in happiness.

Daryl sat on his side of the tent and take his boots off and his shirt and I thought damn. And I was staring.

"What Blue?" I said nothing but laid my front paws across his lap.

A minute pasted until Daryl spoke.

"C'mon Blue get some sleep." He patted my back and I went to lay down on the tent floor to close my eyes to sleep.


I hoped you enjoyed that, I'll try to update whenever I can probably on the weekends though.

This is ThatOneHunter signing out.

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