The Walking Dead Wolf

Summary: Claire Jones was a test subject at the CDC. She was there since birth and years past by, she wanted out. But the doctors/scientists said 'No' because she was their prized accomplishment.

Throughout the years she was injected with wolf's blood in her veins and she could turn into a wolf. In her human form she has wolf's tail, ears and wolf's claws.

But she escaped when the dead started to raise. And soon meets a certain redneck.


2. Chupacabra

Disclaimer: I don't own The Walking Dead,  except for my character.


I woke the next morning and I yawned loudly.

I noticed I was in a tent and I remembered what happened yesterday.

I looked over to Daryl and he was still sleeping.

I licked his hand that was over the cot, then he rolled over so his back was to me and saw some pretty bad scars.

I stared at them for awhile until Daryl turned to look at me.

"Ya okay Blue?" He ask and sat up.

I gave him a sad look, I went behind him and started licking/kissing his scars.

I felt his whole body teased up.

"Hey Blue knock it off." I look to him and he short of got an angry look in his eyes.

"Out." Was all he said and unzipping the tent.

"Now Blue." He growled at me and I left before he could do anything.


I sat with Rick while most of us weren't up, I looked towards Daryl's tent knowing he hasn't come out.

I look to plate of red meat in front of me and push it away, besides I wasn't all that hungry.

"What's wrong Blue-Eyes." I look to Rick.

I lifted my paw to point towards Daryl's tent.

"Ah Daryl." He said realised why I'm upset.

Just then Daryl came out of his tent.

"Hey Blue c'mere now." He call. But I just sat in place.

"Blue don't make me repeat myself."

I sighed and walked towards him. Daryl kneeled in front of me.

"Blue, I'm sorry that I yelled at ya back there. It just brought back bad memories." He apologised and scratched behind my right ear.

I lifted both my front paws and pushed Daryl to the ground. I started to lick his face as a thank you. And I everyone laughing at us.

"Blue that's enough." He said pushing me off him.


"Alright, we get new search grids today." Rick said as he placed a map on the hood of a car.

"If she made it as the farmhouse Daryl found, she might have gone further east than we've been so far."

"I'd like to help." The kid from Hershel's group, I think his name was Jimmy.

"I know the area pretty well and stuff."

"Hershel's okay with this?" Rick asks.

"Yeah! Uh yeah he said I should ask you."

"Alright then thanks."

Then Shane decided to spoke up.

"I'm sorry but nothing Daryl found screams Sophia to me. Anyone could have been hold up in that farmhouse, even having that wolf as a guard dog."

I growled at Shane but Daryl saved me from doing anything stupid.

"I think it depends on the human, jackass."

"Whatever, and anyway by anyone that includes her, right?" Andrea says.

"Well anyone who slept in there wasn't more than yet-high." Daryl said making a hand motion that fit Sophia height.

"Maybe we'll pick up the trail again." Rick suggested.

"Ain't no maybe about it. I'm gonna borrow a horse. Head up this right here. Get a birds eye view of the whole grid? She's up there, I'll spot her." Daryl said his plan.

"Good idea, maybe you'll see your chupacabra upping there too." T-Dog said chuckling. I looked up at Daryl.

"Chupacabra?" Rick asks.

"What. You've never heard this? First night at camp, Daryl tells us about a time when he went squirrel hunting and saw a chupacabra." Dale said handing Rick a shotgun. Jimmy started giggling to himself until Daryl looked at him.

"What are you braying at jackass."

"So you believe in a blood-sucking dog?"

"You believe in dead people walking around?" Daryl snapped back. He did have a point. Jimmy then reached for a shotgun but Rick stopped him.

"Hey, hey. Ya ever fired one before?"

"Well if I'm going out I want one."

Yeah, and people in hell want slurpees." Daryl retorted before picking his crossbow up and pet me on the head and turned to leave.

I waited for a second then I followed Daryl.

"Blue stay," he stopped and I sat in front of him.

Daryl look at me. "Stay and listen to Rick, alright." He said petted the top of my head and walked towards the horse stable.


I was keeping watch from under the RV.

"What's with Annie Oakley routine?" Dale called to Andrea.

"I don't want to wash cloths anymore Dale. I want to keep the camp safe, that alright with you?" She answered him.

He said nothing else and walked into the RV.

I smelled the air and I saw something just behind the tree line. I got up and ran towards the tree line.

"Walker! WALKER!" I heard Andrea yelling.

As I got closer I saw the 'walker' and noticed it was Daryl.

"Hey Blue."

I turned my head to see Rick and some the others coming towards us.

Rick pulled his gun out and aimed it at Daryl's head.

"Is that Daryl?" Glenn asks.

I bark as if I was saying yes to them.

"That's the third time you've pointed that thing at my head. Ya gonna pull the trigger or what?!" Daryl spoke.

Everyone was little bit relived that it was only Daryl.

The moment was short lived because of a shot rang out and Daryl was on the ground.

"NO!" Rick shouted and I was at Daryl's side.

I noticed that he was only grazed by the bullet.

"I was kidding!" He said jokingly as Rick and Shane lifted him up.

Andrea and Dale ran up to where we were.

"Oh my god! Oh my god is he dead?! I thought he was a walker!" Andrea cried. When Andrea said that, I bared my fangs and claws at her.

"Blue-Eyes heel!" Rick commanded.

I stopped growling beside Daryl brought me to his pack and Rick is the leader, they also could put me down if I'm not careful.

I roughly shrugged my shoulders and walked towards the farm house.


I waited outside of the room with Lori.

I felt her rubbing the back of head, I turned my head to look at her.

"He'll pull through Blue-Eyes, don't worry." Lori told me, but I wasn't worried about Daryl dying. Because I knew he was going to be alright.

The door opened, Rick and Shane came out.

"You can go to him now Blue-Eyes."

I walked into the room and saw Daryl all bandaged up.

"Hey girl." Daryl turned to face me and rubbed the top of my head. I started to lick his hand while he was petting me.

I carefully jumped on to the bed.

"Careful Blue! My stitches will come undone."

I looked down and met Daryl's blue eyes as he stared into mine. I placed my forehead against his.

"I'm not dying anytime soon Blue." He said and scratching behind my right ear.

A second later I felt my eyes getting heavy and rested my head under Daryl's. The last thing I saw was Daryl's smile before I closed my eyes.


A small knock woke me and the door squeaking open. Carol walked in with two plates of food and placing them on the side table, well mine on the ground.

"I brought you two some dinner." Carol said. "You must be hungry." She bend down and kissed Daryl's head.

"Watch it I've got stitches." Daryl complained.

"You need to know something." Carol said. "You did more for my little girl today than her daddy ever did in his whole life."

"I didn't do anything' Rick and Shane wouldn't have done," Daryl mutter while rubbing the back of my neck.

"I know," Carol smiled. "You're every bit good as them. Ever bit." She bend down again and kissed my head.

"Blue-Eyes watch over him." She said as she left.

I barked as I was saying I will. And Carol closed the door, but kept it a little open for me to get out.

"Blue go eat." Daryl said.

I hopped off the bed and started eating the raw meat I was having.

I finish eating and I took a stretch to my back.

I laid down and went to sleep until morning.


I hoped you enjoyed that.

This is ThatOneHunter signing out.

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