The lies

Love is a variety of different emotional and mental states, typically strongly and positively experienced, that ranges from deepest interpersonal affection to simple pleasure. Most commonly, love refers to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment. *This is a Narry fanfiction about love and about to hide* *Made just for Narry fandom and them only*


12. 12 move on

I woke up early in the morning. Harry was behind my back and held me soft with his arms, around me, it seemed too perfect to be true. I felt his breath against my cheek, I felt his naked body against mine and I could do no more than smile. It felt wonderful and at the same time as in a dream. I tried to be very still, I didn't want to wake him up, but at the same time I wanted him to wake up. I brought back a hand and stroked his waist. Yes, he was on my butt and I felt his softer part down there. If you had said that this would happen a year ago, I would have laughed at you. But now it was so real.
I was surprised when I heard his voice, but I didn't remove my hand and I didn't change anything.
He kissed my cheek tired.
"Caress me more and I will fuck you fast and hard."
I held my breath. What? Did he mean that seriously? I didn't know if I was ready for him to take me in that way, but something inside me wanted exactly that. My hand continued to caress the skin as I reached and I felt his part down there came to life and slowly placed itself hard against my butt. Harry groaned.
"So you want?"
He held his arms tighter around me. I groaned when I felt how he pressed it up and down between my buttocks. Yes, I would probably do it all with him. I realized that I had lost the ability to recognize when the limit was reached. I closed my eyes and he continued to move it hard against me. His breath became deeper and I sensed that he couldn't stop. Instead, he took back his a hand behind him, and I suspected that he took lubricant on it. I felt his fingers move toward my rear hole. I liked it, I loved it, I felt it was right.

"Damn, you're too good to be like this!" Harry whimpered out, and then he brought the head of the penis against me, against my hole. I whimpered quietly when I felt him slowly pushing and penetrated. It didn't hurt, no we had done it before. It just felt strange, yet so exciting. Harry squeezed in everything he had and I couldn't help but groan. His free hand slid down between my legs and he grabbed hold of me. He did nothing more until I was hard, until I was as horny as he was. It was as if Harry wanted us to experience it all together and I didn't mind.
"Damn Harry!" I yelped hoarse and I leaned back my head. His lips landed on my neck and he kissed me.
"You like it." I heard him whisper dark. "You want me as much as I want you."
There after, he began to move on his hip. I felt him slipped inside me and out, in and out, and I loved it. His hand continued to satisfy my hard part and I groaned over all as happened.


I don't know how I could be like this? It felt as if this all didn't happened in my life, but at the same time it did, I loved the fact that everything was like in a dream. I rode Harry hard. He held my hips with his big strong hands and he looked at me like I was the only man in the world. I loved it. I liked it. I put my hands on either side of his head and I looked straight into his green eyes. I felt how he repeatedly got deeper inside me and that made me react in every way. My own hard part was tossing up and down between us. Yes, I didn't need to touch it, it was enough with this. I still came. It was as if my body lived a life of their own and I got to be with. Harry smiled when he saw the white liquid that came out of me. It landed on his stomach and he didn't mind. I continued nevertheless to ride him and I couldn't understand that this orgasm made me want more. I closed my eyes and I didn't care about the details. I felt how Harry started to caress my body and he stroked even over what I had between my legs. I was hard again and this time I was like a madman. Full bed squeaked and we continued as if no one cared. Harry groaned louder and louder. I knew he was close. I heard how desperate he was. He spun around so that I landed down under him. He raised my legs over his shoulders and he couldn't get enough of me. I opened my eyes and looked at him again. He was red all over his body and he was sweaty. His hair was damp and I noticed that he wanted to get there.
"Just come!" I whimpered out. He smiled.
"I don't want to, but at the same time I want."
I smiled and raised my both hands. I pulled them over his chest.
"Come inside me. I want to feel you coming."
Harry lay down right over me. He pressed his lips against my cheek. I felt his hands under my butt. He was desperate and he got a reward. Right as it was, he become stiff and he filled me. I heard how he whimpered and I felt he filled me. Some jerk and then he relaxed.


"We must have a plan!"
I felt Harry slipped away from me and he layed down beside me. His words made me look at him.
"A plan?"
Harry smiled a little bit and he ran his hand through his wet hair.
"Yes," he whispered hoarsely, and lay down on his back. "A plan for how we are going to continue our relationship. After all, nobody knows that we are gay."
I didn't feel the same concern for the future. Maybe that was because my parents weren't directly close?
"Okay, what were you thinking?"
Harry gulped and he looked up at the ceiling.
"I thought we might... you know..." he hesitated. "I don't know, but it feels like I have to walk over the boundary between falsehood and the truth." He looked at me again. "I would like everyone to know the truth."
I understood what he was talking about.
"Are we going to have a party for our closest?"
Harry laughed a little bit.
"No, Niall. We don't need to have a party just to tell them that we are together. I was thinking more about that you could follow me home to mom and maybe..." He looked straight into my eyes. "Help me to talk about what has happened. The fact that we have met and we intend to remain together."
It was a tingling in my stomach.
"You mean we're going to take us seriously?"
Harry nodded.
"Isn't that what you want?"
I nodded.
"Yes, but for me, it might not matter what others think."
Harry frowned.
"But for me it's important."
I chose to follow his thoughts.
"Okay, then we go to Ireland?"
He was silent for a few seconds and looked at me closely.
"If you want." he whispered hoarsely and dark. "I wont force you, but I want my parents to know who I am. I don't want to lie to them."
I sat up. Yes, that sounded reasonable in my ears.
"Okay, if you want to be open about me, then I want to be able to do the same for you." and I meant it. "It doesn't matter for me if..."
Harry took my hand and he looked straight at me.
"Well, it does matter." he said quickly. "If we will do this fully, we need to talk about it with all around us. I'm still tired of lying both for myself and for others, about who I really am."
This was the first time in my life as it really was in earnest for real, with a relationship. I felt the tension in the air. We were so far only strangers to each other. I had no idea where Harry came from and he didn't know anything about my childhood.
"Do you regret me?"
Harry smiled at my question.
"No, it's not about that Niall. All this is about that we have to become adults and realize that we can't hide who we are."
I gulped and slid over to him. I put my head on his chest and I took my arms around his body.
"So it's serious now?"
He pulled a hand through my hair.
"Yes, after we had sex like crazy, a lot, there must be serious between us?"
I nodded and I breathed in all the scents as he had through my nose. He was right about this.
"So we start with your family?"
I heard Harry took a deep breath.
"Yes, and that's a good start, I guess?"
I turned my face to him.
"Are you ready for that?"
He shook his head.
"No, I'm not ready, but I know that I ever have."
I nodded a little bit.
"I know."

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