The lies

Love is a variety of different emotional and mental states, typically strongly and positively experienced, that ranges from deepest interpersonal affection to simple pleasure. Most commonly, love refers to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment. *This is a Narry fanfiction about love and about to hide* *Made just for Narry fandom and them only*


11. 11 Again

Niall wasn't sure about it, but I had been thinking about it all day. We have to move on quickly just to convince ourselves that we did the right thing. It was about survival. Without Niall was nothing, with Niall, I was everything. He took my hand and we went into his bedroom. Both helped to remove the covers, all the cushions and leave the bed with only sheets on. Niall was quiet and I knew he wasn't still sure about this, but this had to be done. After this day, we wouldn't be able to hide a single thing from the world. When we had crossed the border, everything would be clear.
"Take off everything."
My words made him swallow and blush.
"All right?"
I stared at Niall. He took off his clothes slowly and carefully. I loved it. He was so sexy and his hairy body was all I wanted. I liked the feeling that he was just mine and I wanted to experience everything with him. When he was naked he smiled uncertainly at me. I groaned.
"Lie down on the bed, on your stomach."
Niall obeyed me. This time it was I who decided. I swallowed and looked at his gorgeous ass. He was beautiful. I slid up on the bed, between his legs and I slowly began to caress his buttocks. Niall groaned. He lay with his arms over his head and he pursed up his ass to me. I spread on the buttocks with my hands and I saw his hole. Quickly I caught up lubricant from the pocket and sprayed out some over his hole. I began to caress the area slowly and methodically. Niall seemed to like it.
"We have to take it slowly." I whispered hoarsely, to explain. "Nothing comes naturally."
I pressed testing on the hole with a finger. Massaged on, pressed and massaged. In the end, I felt my finger penetrated. Niall came up with a groan, but I wasn't sure if he felt pain or what.
"That's okay!" he muttered before I could ask. "Damn Harry, I also want to do this."
I smiled. More lube and then the finger slide in and out easier. I saw how Niall responded and he gasped.
"Oh Harry, take me."
I pulled off my shirt and undid my pants. I smeared my entire hard part with a lot of lubricant and then I went back to massage Nialls hole. He pouted up with the butt and he seemed to like that I was right in that area. I took more lube and then two fingers could penetrate. Niall whimpered.
"More!" I heard him say. "Damn, just fuck me."
I pulled her pants down to my knees and brought the glans against him. Slowly I pressed on, and I knew how he received the glans. Niall almost shouted.
"It burns."
I took more lube over it and I stood completely still. He got used to me and slowly I was able to squeeze more inside. Little by little, almost exciting slowly.
He whimpered.
"You're inside me?"
I saw how I slipped deeper in, bit by bit.
"Yes, but not totally."
He tried to look at me.
"More, more Harry!"
It was like in a fog. In the end, I was totally inside Niall and I grabbed his hips with my hands. He groaned in pain, but at the same time not.
"How is it?"
He tried to look at me again.
"It hurts, but at the same time not."
I had felt the same thing when he did that to me. I smiled and I let him get used to me, down there.
"Let me know when we're going to do more."
He nodded, and he gasped.
"Okay, go ahead."


It was like a dream. I stood behind Niall and I moved quickly on the hip. I felt him time after time to receive me, deep inside. Self he touched his own part with his left hand, and he was now in the same state as me. We had reached the last limit. I knew that we couldn't return to the old life, ever again. He had taken my virginity, and I had taken his virginity. That was important. That was what made us special. I slid out from him, I turned him around so that he was lying on his back. Quickly I crawled up over Nialls body and put his legs over my shoulders. I penetrated again and this time there was non as said no. Niall gasped and took his arms around my neck.
"Hey?" he hoarsely back and smiled. "There you are?"
I smiled in response. We were sweaty and we totally agree to all this. This was wonderful. I moved quickly to the hip and I slammed hard into him. The sound from my cock that moved inside him was wonderful. It was as if everything else was forgotten, and the important thing was that we did now. I looked down at his hard part and quickly I grabbed it with my fingers. Niall grunted louder when he felt how my hand worked with him and he parted his lips.
"I'm so close."
I looked up at his face.
"Me too."
Niall bites his lip.
"So let us come."


I came first. It was like everything just fell apart. I laid myself down over him and I pressed my hands around his buttocks. I squeezed everything I had deep inside and I filled him. I let my lips land to his ear and he heard how good it was. It felt as if I was freed everything and I was totally satisfied with everything. I kissed his wet cheek before I realized he was heading toward the same goal. Quickly, I sat up and released his legs. I grabbed his hard part and I looked straight at him. Up, down, fast, hard, and it was enough. Niall screamed almost straight out and he grabbed the sheet. I saw the beam, out over his belly, and he was shaking.


Afterward, I sat still between his legs. Still, with my slack thing inside him and I was tired. Niall opened his eyes and looked at me. He smiled tired and seemed almost to want to be asleep.
"Okay, it hurt, but it was then wonderful."
I released his part, and slipped out from him. I lay down over him and felt his arms around my body. I kissed his lips quickly.
"That was perfect?"
Niall nodded happily.
"Harry, I want to do it again and again, but only with you."
I kissed him softly.
"Not today."
He groaned.
"No, but when the pain has gone away?"
Yes, I had felt the same thing. After Niall had been inside me, it took a while before I felt normal.
"I promise."
He kissed me and pulled me down. Our tongues played with each other, our lips were like created for this and I felt how we slowly landed in reality.
"I'll sleep over?"
Niall nodded.
"If you want?"
I smiled.
"Yes please."
He laughed a little uncertainly.
"Are you hungry?"
I nodded. Direct Niall kissed me again.
"I have food in the oven."
I was surprised.
"Why didn't you say anything about that?"
He grinned wide.
"Well, I wanted to do this first."
I shook my head.
"No, I was the one who started it."
Niall snorted a bit teasingly against me.
"But I guessed where you wanted to come."
I kissed him. Niall was the perfect partner, and that was all.

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