The lies

Love is a variety of different emotional and mental states, typically strongly and positively experienced, that ranges from deepest interpersonal affection to simple pleasure. Most commonly, love refers to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment. *This is a Narry fanfiction about love and about to hide* *Made just for Narry fandom and them only*


10. 10 A date

"Tell me!"
I just stared at Louis. He showed up at my desk and he seemed curious.
"Eh, huh?"
He laughed a little bit and he slid into the chair on the other side of the desk.
"Come on, Niall." he muttered hoarsely. "Who is she? Is she sexy? Does she have big melons?"
I swallowed. Okay, he did assured that I had met a woman? I swallowed again.
"Type, she's pretty normal." I replied hoarsely. "I like her because we can talk about anything."
Louis snorted.
"So no sex?" he exclaimed, almost as if that was interesting. "I mean, you've had a taste of her pussy or what?"
That was enough that he saw my reaction. Louis lit up like the sun, and leaned against my desktop.
"So you fucked?"
I swallowed again and I had no idea what I would say.
"Excuse me, but that's private!" I hissed cold just to end the conversation, but Louis didn't give up.
"Tell me now!" He continued, almost as if he wanted me to bring in every detail. I hesitated.
"I don't know what...?"
He cut me off quickly.
"Is she a cat in bed?" His voice sounded almost filthy disgusting. "Is she tight?"
Okay, I become annoyed.
"Please stop asking me about private things. She's lovely and she's a person who can do more than just a fuck."
Okay, Harry was horny, a lot, but I didn't want to share that part with Louis. He sighed and leaned back in his chair. He was disappointed.
"Come on, Niall!" he murmured. "You've been working here for so long that it's a great event that you found a girl. She's very lucky and I'm happy for you, but I want to know more. You were home one day for her."
I leaned back in the chair. Okay, I was so close to telling him that I was gay, the fact that it was a man I met, but I quickly lost the courage to do so.
"It's new!" I replied therefore quickly. "I can tell you more when we get closer to each other, but for the moment I don't want to..."
Louis snorted.
"You met a woman as made you fall in love the moment you meet her and then say you don't want to talk about it?" He frowned. "Is she a whore or what? Did you pay to fuck?"
I took a deep breath.
"No, Louis, I didn't pay a whore and I hang out with a girl as is worth everything. And I want to keep my private life private. I don't want to open myself for you, like that, because half the bank will talk about it after that, because you will tell anything to anyone. "
He become white in the face.
"But, I promise to be quiet."
I smiled cold.
"No thanks Louis!" I hissed out. "I'm not going to discuss this with you."


// Missing you and want you here. Your H //
I smiled big and I just stared at my phone. I felt warm all over, and my stomach tingled.
// Missing you. See you tonight? N //
I could do nothing more than wait for him to answer. I couldn't work, I couldn't think. It was as if Harry took up all my time. I wanted totally to be with him all the times.
//At your place? Your H //
I nodded happily.
// Tell me a time and you're welcome. N //
// Eight o'clock? //
// Yes, and promise to not be one second late //
// I promise. Hug your h //


I came home on time. I quickly looked over the apartment and took away what was wrong in there or what was thrown out. I filled the fridge with some food, because I usually chose to eat out and not having any food at home. I took out some candles and placed them everywhere. I took a shower and I chose clothes carefully. It felt so excited to finally get to experience this. A relationship, true love, someone to share life with. It was seven forty-five when I lit all the candles and put on sultry music in the background. I had a luxurious and expensive apartment, but I realized that this was the first time as I had someone over. First time for everything? I stood in the middle of the room and looked around. Yes, this was my home for the first time in my life I realized that I had never cared about anything here. When I moved into the apartment I had bought the best and the most expensive, but now I realized something and that was that nothing was personal. No photos of my family, no pictures which described me. Everything was just modern and stylish. I had some paintings on the walls, but that was pictures I had bought to make money, the day when I would sell them. I was almost disappointed at myself. It was as if I, for once, realized that I had been working too much and I had put everything else on the shelf. I didn't do more than consider that issue until there was a knock on the door. I quickly went out into the hall and locked up. I opened the door and immediately I saw Harry. He held three red roses in his hand and he smiled big. My heart jumped and I could do no more than smile back.
"You're early?"
He grinned.
"I missed you. I have been sitting in the car for half an hour, but I didn't want to wait more."
He made me blush.
"But I thought..."
Harry cut me off by taking a step into the hall and kiss me lightly on the lips.
"Niall, I missed you." he whispered dark and wonderfully dangerous. "I couldn't wait one more second."
I groaned quietly and I closed the door behind him. He stood still in front of me and he looked at me as if I were a cake, as he wanted to eat.
He smiled little bit and gave me then the roses. I had never encountered that before, but I chose to take them.
"Roses?" I asked hoarsely. He nodded with satisfaction and pulled off his thick jacket.
"Yes, someone told me that I should never go empty-handed to the one I love."
I got big eyes and I just stared at him. Love? Harry was quick. He took my face between his hands, and he looked straight into my eyes.
"Niall, let's get it over with." he whispered dark. "I love you and I'm not ashamed over such a feeling."
He kissed me softly. I groaned.
"Okay, then I have to say I love you!"
He grinned.
"No, not until you're ready." he released my face. "And now I want to see your apartment."
I gulped and nodded. Harry went before me into the room. He looked at everything with wide eyes. He liked my bedroom and he seemed to accept my kitchen.
"No photos!"
I become embarrassed.
"No, I haven't really had time to decorate my apartment." I defended myself. "When I moved in, I bought furniture and that's all."
Harry spun around and smiled at me.
"So you put it all on your career?"
I nodded silently. He laughed and walked into the room. He slid down on the couch and then he looked straight at me.
"You're a strange man, but I love it."
I smiled. I walked over to the couch and with reluctance, I sat down with distance from Harry. It felt as if I wanted to be cautious, but in the reality I wanted to throw myself over him. Harry noted that.
"Niall, I'm going to bite you, but not harder than you can handle."
I swallowed.
"Sorry, but this is the first time as you are here."
Harry was amused. He moved closer and took the arm behind my back.
"Niall, come on!" he whispered hoarsely. "We're far beyond the limit of what's normal. I'm here because I want to be with you and you're where you are because you want to."
I blushed and I nodded.
"I know."
He giggled.
"So what's the problem?"
I didn't know what to say.
"No problem."
Directly he moved so we sat close to each other, our legs were met and they liked each other.
"So stop playing hard to get."
I couldn't resist. I leaned toward him, to his lips. Harry answered the kiss and I felt his hand on my cheek. We were crazy? It was as if everything was about to be close and do things we've never done before.
"I bought lubricants."
I responded by lifting my head and look at him.
"Eh, huh?"
Harry smiled awry. He let his fingers caress my cheek.
"We're supposed to go on with this?" he murmured, looking straight down at my lips. "I want to feel how it is inside you, and honestly, I've fantasized about it all day."
I swallowed and it was as if time stood still.
"You mean sex again?"
Harry looked straight into my eyes with his dangerous green eyes.
"Yes always!"
I groaned.
"I don't know if I..."
He kissed me, to get me quiet.
"Just details." he mumbled and bit hold of my lip. He dropped it and smiled awry.
"I want to fuck you." and it sounded as if he wanted to tease me. "And I want to be naked with you."

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