The lies

Love is a variety of different emotional and mental states, typically strongly and positively experienced, that ranges from deepest interpersonal affection to simple pleasure. Most commonly, love refers to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment. *This is a Narry fanfiction about love and about to hide* *Made just for Narry fandom and them only*


9. 09 all the way

Both Niall and I called our jobs and said that we were sick. In a way, it felt wrong, because I was healthy, but I told myself that it was okay, just for this time. After all, I wanted to be with Niall and it was Friday. I was free for the weekend and why not treat yourself to an extra day.
"It feels like we just do forbidden things." Niall said, as we sat at the table and ate breakfast. He tasted the tea and he smiled at me. "But why not?"
I laughed a little embarrassed.
"Yes, it feels like everything's weird today. Everything's changed."
Niall nodded. We had much to talk about and it felt like we needed this day to so.
"Is your family against us?" he asked. I looked up at Niall and I understood immediately what he was talking about.
"One time I told my mom that I was gay." I remember it like yesterday. "But I'm not sure if she remembers that. She thought for sure it was just a phase. And your family?"
Niall shook his head rapidly.
"No, my parents live in a society where no one can be odd." he said hoarsely. "You could say that my brother does all that as you require from a son and I'm his opposite."

Okay, Niall looked up to Greg? I sensed that there were many things that hadn't come to the surface yet.
"And what do you think happens if you tell them?"
Niall shrugged lightly on his shoulders and he put down the cup of tea on the table.
"I have no idea. Probably they become disappointed and telling me that I make the wrong choices in life, or they may accept the truth?"
I smiled at him.
"And even if they do not accept us, I will stay." Yes, I was ready to fight for our cause. "I mean, we can not let others dictate to us? I have all my life been living a life that I hate and it is only now that everything looks much brighter."
Niall smiled at me. He seemed to think a bit before he laid his head askew.
"We are alike, you and I?" and that was true. "We have hidden ourselves long enough?"
I nodded and looked at his gorgeous face.
"But we'll take it easy?"
Niall nodded and he cleared his throat a little.
"I have no idea what they will say in the bank if it turns out that I'm gay. And I have no idea if this would change everything."
I smiled reassuring at Niall, stretched over my hand across the table and placed it over his hand.
"I promise you, half the bank will be against you, but there're always those who understand."
Niall swallowed and met my gaze.
"And your job then?"
I didn't care.
"I guess there are many gays inside the fashion industry and I'm not exactly afraid over what my boss says. There're other places to work at."
Niall laughed a little bit.
"I should started working in a store instead?"
I shook my head quickly. No, I didn't want that Niall would be someone other than the person he was.
"No, you are at the right place."
Niall blushed and he looked down at our hands.
"When I was younger, I was sure I'd never meet anyone in my life, not ever, and it feels so wonderful that I'm now, sitting in front of you, and have you in my life."
I squeezed his hand.
"The same for me." I whispered hoarsely. "Niall, I didn't believe that I would meet someone. In this short time as we have spent time together, I realize what I missed this, but I'm glad we waited until it become us, a we."

We succumbed it all away, we cleaned the kitchen and it felt as if we'd always be together. Niall was as shy as me, yes, we had been naked together. Although we both had gone almost all the way, this was still something we weren't used to.
"Have you ever had a girlfriend?" Niall asked and he looked questioningly at me. I shook my head.
"No, honestly, I stayed as far away from girls as possible when I was young."
He laughed a little and he seemed to have other memories.
"I was on a date once."
I was surprised.
"Oh, yeah, and how did that go?"
He laughed a little bit.
"Let's say I did as you after that date, I kept myself away." He looked at me and I saw that he meant it.
"So no girls?"
He shook his head.
"And no guy until you showed up."
I went up to him and caught up his face between my hands. I kissed him quickly and smoothly, then I smiled big.
"And I'm glad about that."
He laughed, a little embarrassed.
"And have you had any guy in your life, besides off me?"
I shook my head and looked into his blue eyes.
"No, you're the only one."
He giggled a little.
"So maybe we should take it slower? I mean, we have no idea about this or how it works?"
I smiled back at him.
"Niall, we do it together." I replied. "Let's not worry about what's right or wrong, for everyone else. We do what suits us and then it's the right thing to do."
He groaned quietly and looked down at my lips.
"So that's okay to be addicted?"
I nodded.
"If you'r that for me, it's more than okay."
He laughed a little.
"So kiss me then."
I kissed him and he answered the kiss. My arms slid around his neck and I felt his arms around my body. He stood on his toes to reach up and for me that was just a sign that he really wanted more. Our tongues began to play with each other. I realized we were made for each other. It was almost unbelievable that we fit so well together, although we hardly knew each other.

I pressed Niall hard up against the wall. I don't know why I was so desperate every time we touched each other, but it was as if I couldn't stop myself. I moaned and I felt his hands slid down over my ass. Although we had clothes on, it felt as if we were naked. I ended the kiss to see if he was okay and immediately did Niall smiled and looked up at me.
"You don't have to stop."
I swallowed.
"We go fast forward?"
He bit his lip, and I noted that he didn't care.
"And?" he muttered hoarsely. "It feels so right, so then it can't be wrong?"
I just stared at him, breathing quickly. His hands slid around me and he unbuttoned my pants. Yes, I was already hard and he didn't need to do that much for me to lose my mind.
"You have oil!"
I swallowed.
Niall smiled awry.
"I saw a video where two guys hadn't got any lube. They took what they had in the kitchen, and they chose oil. Cooking oil works."
His fingers slid inside the fabric and straight down over my hard thing, down there. I moaned.
"We're not ready."
He seemed to think otherwise.
"We can try." he muttered hoarsely. "And if that doesn't work, we wait?"
His fingers slid down over my balls. I groaned and I was ready for anything.
"So you mean I should...?"
He gripped softly the hand around my balls and I whimpered with pleasure.
"I want to take you." he whispered dark and put his lips against mine. "I want to be inside you, so that we become one, and I want you."


I landed in a fog. Niall took the bottle of oil and purposefully, he pulled me into the bedroom. He tore away the covers and all the pillows. Then he made sure that I was naked and he pointed me to lie down on the bed. I obeyed, as if I was his slave. I loved it. I liked that he took command over me. Perhaps it was such a man that suited me perfectly? I lay down on my back. Niall was quick. He tore off his clothes and put himself between my legs. I spread on them and held them up. I felt how he began to smear oil over my rear hole. I closed my eyes and I tried not to think about this, about what happen. Slowly he massaged me and slowly he got a finger to penetrate. I bit my lip and whimpered.
"Does it hurt?"
His question made me open my eyes and look straight at him. I shook my head. It just felt totally odd. He poured more oil on his finger and then he started sliding it in and out. I didn't notice when he used two fingers or three fingers. I was aware over him, what he looked like, his naked body. Niall leaned over me. A hand next to my head and the other grabbed hold of his hard part. He brought the head of the penis to me and I felt he gently pressed it against the hole. I whimpered when I felt the glans penetrated. Yes, it felt, it stung a little. Niall stopped and he groaned.
I nodded.
"Well, hell just do it."
I looked straight at him. Niall was red all over his face and he was sweaty. He spread his lips and pressed on. He took away his hand and placed it on the other side of my head. I felt how he slowly slid deeper inside me. It was exciting, it was hot, yet so odd. The hole wasn't there for sex, but I wanted to do it. I grabbed my legs to cope to keep them up in the air. Niall groaned and slid down so that he put all his weight on his elbows. His face was over mine.
"Say stop if it hurts."
I nodded. I felt how he slowly began to bring the hips back and forth. The oil ran down and got it all feel better. I groaned and I tried to just think about us, about Niall. He started to kiss me. I answered the kiss. I let go of the legs and took them around his body. I took my arms around his neck. I felt how he slowly increased the pace and I heard he groaned.
"You're so tight down there."
I smiled a little bit.
"You're the first who have taken me in this way."
He groaned.
"I know and I love it. I want to be the only one."
Harder movements.
"You're the only one."
Niall lay down completely over me. His face landed on my cheek and I noted that he was working with the hole body. Faster, deeper, harder. I bit my lip and I realized that I loved sex. Yes, I liked naked bodies that played together. Niall didn't seem to be  aware of anything. He pounded straight in and he became desperate.
"Oh, you're so perfect." he murmured hoarsely against my ear. "I am created to be yours."
I smiled.
"I know!"
Niall whined higher. He let his left hand slip down between us and I was surprised when he grabbed hold of my hard part. I closed my eyes and I felt how he took care of me. Yes, he brought his hand in the same rate as he took me and just that was exciting. I couldn't hold back the emotions. I moaned loudly and I heard that the bed began to pound straight into the wall. It was as if the whole world was moving back and forth.


It happened quickly and it was like a dream. Niall came first. I felt how he filled me. It was as if he emptied himself totally and everything just because this was the first time. Directly he slid out of me and I wasn't ready when he slid down over my body. His lips enveloped my hard part and quickly he sucked it in. I couldn't say no. I grabbed hold of his head and I felt how he quickly made me forget what happened. He took his arms around my thighs and he held me still. I felt how he repeatedly let me come in, deep into his mouth and in the end it was enough. I came and I was shaking. I screamed and I turned my face up.


Niall swallowed everything, and he smiled. He licked me one last time down there, and then he looked up at my face.
"I always wanted to do that." he mumbled shamefacedly. "And now as I've done it, I like it and I can do it again."
I was breathing fast and I just stared at him. He really was a fresh breeze in my life. I hadn't asked him to do anything for me, but he did it.
"Thank you, Niall."
He laughed and sat up. He looked down at my naked body.
"I like it." He looked up at my face again. "And, hell, I can't be without you, not ever again. Have you tried Harry once, then you don't need to have any other."
I got up a smile and I looked down at his sweaty and gorgeous body.
"And I'm stuck with you." I muttered hoarsely. "I think we have to put up with each other."
Niall laughed a little bit.
"I know and I think it's wonderful."
I laughed a little.
"For three days we have gone from total strangers to have sex. Talk about that we're desperate?"
Niall nodded happily.
"We waited for a long time, but it was worth waiting for you."
I put my head down against madras and I looked up at the ceiling. I was tired, totally tired, but Niall was everything else.
"So was that okay?" he asked. "I saw that it hurt in the beginning?"
I swallowed.
"Yes, but after a while I got used to it. I liked it when you were deepest inside me."
He laughed a little.
"Me too, but next time it's your turn to take me."
I looked at him again.
"But I'm bigger than you?"
Niall snorted.
"And?" he quickly developed. "If we do it carefully, I will also be used to it."

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